my skin but better

The self-refreshing base makeup that resists sweat, lasts longer
Shiseido's Synchro Skin works with perspiration and humidity. The more active you are, the harder it works to create an invisible barrier, keeping your makeup on longer
In 2019, it's time to embrace practical beauty
New year, new you. Let's strive to look less like a cookie-cutter IG It girl, and more like yourself. Practical beauty may be basic, but we assure that you'll feel your prettiest in it
What makeup artist Larry Yeo wants you to do in 2019: Stop making up for the ’gram
Heavy contouring, beaming streaks of highlighter, dagger brows and thick foundation may get you the double taps on Instagram, but the look doesn’t work IRL. Larry's begging you: Keep the Kim K look on Insta
Tried and tested: Foundations that make your skin look #myskinbutbetter
Nothing that's going to look like a mask on your face, but rather, lightweight, breathable finishes