modern cheongsam

9 stylish ways to modernise your Oriental-themed wedding
Want an Oriental-style wedding that pays tribute to your heritage while looking both chic and modern? Your inspiration starts here.
Inspired by the late Mrs Wee Kim Wee: Modern Cheongsam Fashion
The late Mrs Wee Kim Wee was effortlessly regal and chic in her cheongsams. As an homage to her, here are six cheongsam brands you can find in Singapore so that you can look presidential and fashionable
6 tips to wearing your wedding cheongsam right
Not just for Chinese brides looking to pay tribute to their heritage, the cheongsam or qipao also exudes a feminine elegance that's also undeniably alluring. And with designers crafting stunning designs with modern elements, it's no wonder the traditional Chinese outfit is picking up in popularity.