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Barack Obama on how he found The One
His marriage to Michelle Obama continues to give us real marriage goals, even after 25 years of marriage.  Which begs to question, how did he know his first lady was and still is, 'the one' for him? 
Living together? 5 important things couples often forget
You've agreed on divvying the chores and bills but there’s more to living in the same home 24/7, even when you’re in passionately in love with one another.
7 things to know about the late President and Mrs Wee Kim Wee's 69-year marriage
While the former First Lady has passed, we also celebrate the woman who was a pillar of strength to her husband, a devoted mother, and hers and the late President Wee Kim Wee's love story.
Money issues hurting your marriage? Here's how to tackle it
Money issues is one of the top causes of conflict and arguments within a marriage. From one partner overspending to managing your mortgage, here's how you can stop it from affecting your relationship.
Bad arguments? How to prevent these 5 common marriage conflicts
You can feel when an argument is coming. Tensions rise, eye-rolls ensue and voices elevate. Conflict is common in any marriage or relationship, but there’s a difference between a tiff that can result in positive change, and a spat that ends in the division of assets.
Don't let these 4 bad relationship habits wreck your marriage!
Relationship experts reveal some common habits that can develop that may be damaging your partnership and how to break them.