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Fashion editors and writers share their go-to local labels
Eschew cookie cutter fast fashion labels and go for these Singapore fashion brands that have gotten our stamp of approval
Here are the places that we get our bespoke jewellery from
The best part is that these brands are local, so you don’t have to travel far to get your jewellery customised
Singaporean brands that are for slow fashion
Timeless clothes in looser cuts that are easy to wear tend to stay in rotation longer
Buy, design, or repair your bralettes at the new Perk by Kate Studio
Local online lingerie label Perk by Kate's first permanent brick-and-mortar space is a lingerie store, customisation studio, and repair workshop all in one
This is the under-the-radar demin label you need to know about
While we look towards Japan and the US for raw denim jeans, our own local brand Kerbside & Co. is gaining love among denim enthusiasts in the US and Europe. Its Americana-style raw denim jeans, pants and accessories tap on its founder's decades-long passion for American heritage workwear
Looking for raw denim jeans with modern, European cuts? Biro Company is the local label to go to
Fabrics come first at Biro Company - that's why the homegrown brand's very first design was the Covet Raw, a pair of straight-cut jeans made with Japanese raw denim