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The Achieving Woman's guide to...monotasking and being an expert
When you've got too many things to think about and not enough practice, you lose quality. Take a u-turn and go back to mono-tasking. And start reading up on that one topic you really wanted to have an opinion on
The Achieving Woman's guide to...looking for a mentor
Mentors aren't just old people with stern voices and unforgiving expectations. It takes time to find a good mentor, one you'll click with. Here's a quick guide on what's most important when you're looking for a mentor
The Achieving Woman's guide your best life this year
Become the best version of yourself and no, it's not just about being perfect. It's okay to try new things, make mistakes and even be upset
Life Improvement 101: This comprehensive guide is all you need to read
Make some of these small changes today for a huge impact tomorrow