Lianhe Zaobao

10 things we loved about DFW Day 1 including some super hot models
The Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 SG50 celebration show and the team behind Mash-Up showcased fun and youthful collections at Day 1 of Digital Fashion week, here are our 10 favourite moments! From an all-Asian model troupe to Mean Girls & 90s inspired nostalgia
Shocker! Qi Yuwu has plenty to say about new wife Joanne Peh
The hunky half of the buzziest Caldecott Hill coupling of the year is refreshingly forthcoming about Joanne Peh. Find out what Qi Yuwu has to say about his sexy spouse!
The Straits Times, Samsung voted as Singapore's favourite brands
Samsung bags the award for favourite televisions brand while The Straits Times was named as Singapore's favourite newspaper for the third time at the 2013 Superbrands Tribute Event
Interview with Clarence Lee: Beyond face value
Make-up artist Clarence Lee gets paid top dollar for making stars look better, but he hates girls with too much make-up