DIY face mask

Get experimental: DIY Face mask recipes on Youtube for every skin type
Got a well-stocked kitchen and at least half an hour free? Why not try out these amazing DIY face mask recipes on Youtube? These recipes address the full gamut of skin concerns, from acne breakouts to issues with dehydrated and sensitive skin.
This surprisingly effective mask will give you noticeably softer and clearer skin
Breaking out from the warm weather? Don’t despair! Zap your zits and purge your pores by mixing your very own DIY rinse-off face mask – using a most unexpected ingredient indeed
Surprising beauty hacks to make the best use of your facial treatment essence!
You love your trusty SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, but you’re bored of the ‘standard’ way of applying it with cotton pads. Easy: Try these top tricks to amplify the performance of your powerful potion. Get ready to say hello to party-ready skin!
3 tips to get dewy K-Beauty skin without looking oily in Singapore!
Dying to try the dewy K-Beauty ‘Mul-Kwang-Pi-Bu’ look, but scared of looking oily? Here’s a definitive cheat sheet to applying foundation and highlighter so you look glowy, not greasy just like your favourite ‘golden’ girls in the latest Korean drama!
Make instant sheet face masks out of fresh food at home!
We’re not kidding! This machine claims to be able to make all-natural sheet masks from just a few slices of fruit and some collagen tablets, but does it actually work?
Surprise! Your pumpkin spice latte is great for skin brightening
Who’s game for a skin exfoliating mask that sounds every bit as delicious as Starbucks’ massively popular pumpkin spice latte? I know I am!