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6 significant Chinese wedding traditions couples need to know
When planning your wedding, you may get upset over traditions your parents want you to include. We say: Take the time to understand their significance before saying no to them. Why? You can't add them back in afterwards.
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Are you a Teochew or Cantonese? Find out what differs when setting up your matrimonial bed depending on your dialect!
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Don't underestimate the cost of a gatecrash. Here's the breakdown for this portion of your wedding.
8 modern Guo Da Li offerings from Singapore bakers
Sweet pastries or xi bing are part of trad betrothal gifts for Guo Da Li ceremonies. These Singapore bakers give theirs a fresh spin.
The Chinese wedding Kua: 3 things to know
All you need to know about the traditional Qun Kua, the traditional Chinese wedding dress, and where to buy or rent them in Singapore.
6 tips to wearing your wedding cheongsam right
Not just for Chinese brides looking to pay tribute to their heritage, the cheongsam or qipao also exudes a feminine elegance that's also undeniably alluring. And with designers crafting stunning designs with modern elements, it's no wonder the traditional Chinese outfit is picking up in popularity.