chinese new year 2019

Cute pigs make a fashion statement this CNY
Go all out in the year of the pig by toting around purses in the shape of the animal, or if you prefer subtlety, hang a pig-shaped keychain on your black purse
Even the God of Fortune would be pleased to receive these red packets
Creative hongbao designs are in this year and with more people Instagramming moments from Chinese New Year visitings, it's important for your hongbao to stand out
8 manicure ideas perfect for Chinese New Year 2019
Get ready to book your next manicure, because these nail art ideas are going to make you want a new paint job, stat
BLACKPINK comes to Singapore and other fun things to do in February
K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK is set to stop by Singapore for a one night only concert on the 15th and Musician Josh Groban, is back with his hit Single You Raise Me Up. February is a chock full of concerts, exhibitions and artistic fun
5 hotpot places to visit during this coming Chinese New Year
Since having steamboat during Chinese New Year symbolises the idea of “Reunion”, here are five of the best hotpot places that you'll have to go to celebrate this year's auspicious festivities
Facials to give your skin a natural glow for Chinese New Year
Whether you're looking to revitalise your skin or to just unwind before the CNY visitations start, here are 5 different facials to target different skin concerns