chinese new year 2019

Cute pigs make a fashion statement this CNY
Go all out in the year of the pig by toting around purses in the shape of the animal, or if you prefer subtlety, hang a pig-shaped keychain on your black purse
Facials to give your skin a natural glow for Chinese New Year
Whether you're looking to revitalise your skin or to just unwind before the CNY visitations start, here are 5 different facials to target different skin concerns
Durian bak kwa anyone? These are the CNY goodies you must try this year
From the traditional nian gao to the unbeatable and indulgent Kueh Lapis, chefs and bakers all over Singapore are giving our favourite Chinese New year snacks a much needed revamp
Ways to amp up your outfit for CNY while still keeping it classy
Maybe layering on cardigans and long-sleeves are not your thing, but you don't have to tone down your personal style for a few gossipy relatives, here are some sure-fire ways to retain your confidence while looking classy on your visitations
Here are 16 flowy dresses that you can wear for Chinese New Year and for work after
To get more bang for your buck, we'd suggest you to purchase these flowy dresses for Chinese New Year as you can recycle them for work once the auspicious festivities are over
Where to go CNY shopping for cool finds
Let’s keep it fuss-free and stylish. No need to stress this coming Chinese New Year. Head down to NomadX at Plaza Singapura and get your #OOTD sorted on the spot