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37 and looks 30: 10 style tips we can learn from south korean actress Gianna Jun to look youthful
Top South Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun (Gianna Jun) turns 37 today and yet the starlet does not look a day older than 30. Dressing young and fashionably could be the trick, we give you a comprehensive recap of the actress's best style moments so you can learn a thing or two
2 spring summer trends that K-Pop stars love
K-Pop fashionistas like HyunA and Heo Gayoon of 4minute, Victoria of f(x), Bora and Soyu from Sistar have all been spotted wearing the 2 hot trends for spring summer; denim and patterns
5 K-Pop colour trends for spring
SEE PHOTOS: Korean fashion staple Stylenanda has decreed that pastel colours of powder pink, mint green and sky blue are ‘the’ colours for spring 2014, to be worn with an ‘enamel’ ‒ read very shiny ‒ pastel coloured pencil skirt, just like the ones seen on groups like 4 Minute
Four shoe styling tips from Korean celebrities
SEE PHOTOS: Check out the coolest ways to style your shoes with tips from Korean celebrities like girl group Spica’s Jiwon, Narae, Boa & Juhyun and actresses Kim Jung Min, Gong Seo Young, Nam Bora & Han Geu-ru