busy girl's guide

The busy girl's ultimate guide to every style of dress
We teach you what each dress is called, how it fits and more importantly - where best to wear them
The busy girls’ easy guide to every style of bag and how they're best worn
Whilst handbags are most women's guilty pleasures, do we know every style available, what they're called, and how to correctly work them into our closets? Swipe below and you soon will...
The busy girls’ guide to wearing denim on denim
When we think denim on denim, we get instant flashbacks to the fashion faux pas which was Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs. Fear not, this guide will teach you all the ways to pull off the double-denim combo
The busy girl’s guide to every style of pants and how to wear them correctly
With the dizzying array of pants styles available out there now for both genders (long gone are days where women only wore skirts), let this guide help you navigate those clothes racks, and how to style your new purchases to your advantage
The busy girl’s guide to every style of flat shoes and what to pair them with
With this handy guide, not only will you learn all the correct names of every style of flat shoes you can buy, you'll also receive style tips on how to wear each one