best korean beauty brands

Beauty Escapade: Discover the world of beauty in Korea
Will you put bee venom or salmon eggs on your face? The Koreans would. Take a glimpse into the ever-evolving, ever-innovating world of K-beauty
The Korean beauty brands we hope to see in Singapore
We don't just want any brands, but rather those that offer quality products that go the extra mile to help us with our skipcare
These light-textured formulas offer water-like moisture without weighing on your skin
Yes, you ARE what you eat: This yummy Korean food has been 'proven' to zap zits and soothe your skin
Pimple and pore-purifying beauty products not working for you? Try feasting on these Korean complexion-correcting foods, which may be the “Seoul” skin-saviours you need to give you that gorgeous glow you’re hankering after
This popular Korean moisturising line is the secret to 24 hours of soft hydrated skin
Getting a well-hydrated complexion is easy with moisture expert Laneige's Water Bank range, which is designed to pull moisture from the air into the skin while hydrating it from within
This Korean brightening range is my secret to instantly firmer and fairer skin!
In dire need of a brightening boost? If my experience is anything to go by, your future should look bright if you indulge in Sulwhasoo’s spectacular new Snowise range of brightening products, all of which have gone some way towards giving me perfectly poreless and porcelain skin!