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The GEOX PG1X shoes are designed with breathable, waterproof technology to keep your feet dry, even in wet weather. Credit: GEOX

Imagine walking through a sudden downpour, with your feet snug and dry. Waterproof shoes are rainy-day essentials in Singapore or when you’re travelling to snowy, slushy regions, and finding stylish pairs are key to striding with ease and grace.

Known for their breathable and waterproof designs, GEOX shoes are not only adept at keeping your feet dry but they are also champions in comfort. The Italian brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection features a range of footwear designs that cater to our unpredictable weather while keeping style at the forefront. 

Whether facing Singapore’s showers or wintry conditions overseas, these GEOX shoes are your ideal companions. Here’s a look at some of the brand’s latest offerings. 

For staying chic on rainy days

Crafted with GEOX’s advanced waterproof technology, the Spherica Amphibiox (ABX) sneakers are great for those who want to step out in style, rain or shine.

The Spherica Amphibiox (ABX) sneakers will keep your feet dry even in a heavy downpour. Credit: GEOX

The true marvel lies in their construction. It features a fully waterproof yet breathable membrane embedded within both the material in the upper part of the shoe and the outsole, so that your feet remain happily dry even in a heavy downpour.

The design is further enhanced by a cushioning system, incorporating a series of spheres along the outsole, which helps soften the impact of each step. This thoughtful engineering elevates your comfort and your style, making these sneakers well suited to your favourite athleisure fit, or with jeans or a maxi dress for outings. At $430.

For navigating snowy streets

Whether you’re braving the snowy lanes of Seoul or exploring the wintry boulevards of Paris, the new Spherica ABX ankle boots by GEOX are an ideal travel choice. Fully waterproof and designed to tackle cold winter weather, these boots are like a cosy haven for your feet and an ideal accessory for your winter vacation fit. 

The Spherica Amphibiox ankle boots feature thermo-regulation technology to keep your feet cosy, not cold. Credit: GEOX

Crafted from luxurious suede with a cosy eco-fur lining and trim, these boots aren’t just about looking good either. They come equipped with GEOX’s innovative thermo-regulation technology, which promotes optimal heat circulation. This means as you’re enjoying your snowy escapades, your feet stay delightfully dry and at a comfortable temperature, thanks to the breathable waterproof membrane.

Lightweight yet sturdy, they also come with the Zero Shock System which provides a cushioned, comfortable experience for walking all day. At $480. 

For your outdoor explorations

Embark on your next adventure with the PG1X sneakers, a standout piece from GEOX’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection tailor-made for the great outdoors. 

The PG1X sneakers feature a non-slip outsole with excellent grip even in wet conditions. Credit: GEOX

The waterproof and breathable construction ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable, even in unpredictable weather. The unique burgundy and off-white colorway, combining suede and nappa materials, exudes an active-chic aesthetic, making them a stylish choice for any outdoor enthusiast. What’s more, with the ultra non-slip Plus Grip outsole, slippery paths won’t dampen your adventurous spirit.

Coupled with GEOX’s signature breathable outsole system and thermo-regulation technology, the PG1X sneakers not only protect against the elements but also provide a cushioned feel for all-day comfort. At $410. 

For staying comfy at work

Long office hours demand footwear that combines style with comfort, and GEOX’s Walk Pleasure ankle boots are precisely that. Crafted from premium brushed black leather and integrated with the brand’s breathable technology, these shoes mimic the comfort of sneakers – even on heels – while maintaining a sleek and professional look.

The comfortable Walk Pleasure ankle boots make blisters a thing of the past. PHOTO: GEOX

The GEOX breathability system integrated into the outsole brings an extra layer of comfort, ensuring air circulation while keeping moisture at bay. Add to this the enhanced cushioning of the Zero Shock System with ultra-soft spheres, and you’ve got a shoe that’s not just a treat for your feet but a delight for your entire workday. Also available as court shoes and regular boots. From $335. 

For running errands and gym days

Dashing about town ticking off your to-do list or powering through a gym session? The Spherica Actif sneakers are your ultimate ally. Featuring GEOX’s advanced breathable technology and ultra-cushioning, these shoes are crafted to make every step feel lighter and more energised, keeping you comfortably on your feet all day.

The Spherica Actif sneakers will complement your athleisure outfit perfectly. Credit: GEOX

For the eco-conscious, opt for the Econyl versions where the upper part of the shoe is crafted from sustainable fabric made of recycled yarn, sourced from reclaimed fishing nets and other materials.

Now available in rich autumnal tones like deep blue, claret red and burgundy, the Actif series feature a mix of glossy, matte, and textured surfaces, providing not just a comfortable fit but also a bold style statement – a staple for any casual wardrobe. From $335. 

Get your man a matching pair

Complement your GEOX style with the perfect pair for the man in your life. The Fall/Winter 2023 men’s collection from GEOX offers the same blend of comfort, good looks and practicality. 

For a touch of casual sophistication, the Spherica Actif sneakers are a great choice. With their refined design, these sneakers are versatile enough for everyday wear or a relaxed business setting. 

The PG1X shoes will keep his feet dry while complementing both business casual and casual outfits. Credit: GEOX

And for those days that demand more rugged footwear, the Spherica ABX boots and PG1X sneakers are the go-to options. They’re designed to handle all weather conditions, blending sleek aesthetics with waterproof and breathable technology. 

These selections are perfect for the man who values style without sacrificing comfort or practicality, ensuring he’s well-equipped for both office wear and outdoor adventures.

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