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For most of us, buying a diamond ring is a big decision. Perhaps it’s for an important occasion – like your engagement or wedding. Or maybe you’ve just got a pay bump and you’re in the mood to splurge.

Whatever the reason, proper research is required when shopping for such a significant item. While diamonds are undoubtedly one of nature’s most precious creations, we mustn’t forget that not all diamonds are actually created equal. Even imitations exist in the diamond world.

To make things easier, we’re sharing five of the most important things that you should be aware of when you’re selecting a diamond ring for yourself — or for someone special.

#1 The 4Cs

This is arguably one of the most talked-about factors when we’re shopping for diamond rings. The 4Cs refer to cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. Introduced by the GIA in the early 1940s, they help to determine a diamond’s quality and value.

The cut of a diamond refers to how well it interacts with light. Diamonds that look brighter under light generally get a higher cut grade. Cut can also be used to describe the diamond’s shape. Some of the more famous styles include princess, pear, heart and oval.

The AllStar Diamond cut, for example, is patented and exclusive to SK Jewellery design. Not only is this diamond a first of its kind, it also boasts 101 facets, 10 hearts and 10 arrows that all combine to provide the diamond with its high shine power. Its cleverly modified cut also removes any light leakage, ensuring that the AllStar Diamond dazzles under any lighting condition.

According to the GIA colour grading scale, diamonds can range from D to Z; colourless to yellow. Naturally, the colourless ones are extremely rare so they typically demand a higher price tag. For SK Jewellery’s AllStar Diamond, it is near colourless (grade G) and best of all, it features a stunning “symphony of fireworks” display that’s sure to capture attention everywhere you go.

Carat weight tells us the weight of the diamond in metric carats (ct). And since bigger diamonds are rarer than their smaller counterparts, they are more costly.

At SK Jewellery, its AllStar Diamond collection features US patent cut diamonds that are cut and polished by master artisans. Notably, the AllStar Diamond’s 101 facets promise equal light distribution from any angle of the diamond. This means every design gets to shine at its full potential — even more so than other diamonds that are bigger in size. Now that’s giving you a great bang for your buck!

Clarity – like the name suggests – tells us how flawless the diamond looks. The fewer internal blemishes and irregularities (such as the mineral crystals spotted inside a diamond) in the diamond, the more perfect it looks. Unblemished diamonds are free of imperfections and because they’re so rare, they naturally demand a hefty price.

#2 Certification and grade

A certification from accredited sources proves that the diamond has undergone vigorous inspection by gemologists in the laboratories.

Currently, there are numerous labs in the world that do these evaluations. Some examples include the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and Gemological Institute of America Inc (GIA).

For the shoppers, the certification not only indicates that you’re buying from a trusted source, it also tells you the characteristics of the diamond piece that you’re getting. For example, the grade of the diamond will then affect the price of the design. However, not all certifications will indicate the light performance of a diamond, a term that describes how a cut and polished stone bends and reflects light.

Photo: SK Jewellery

If you’re looking for a breathtaking diamond, you may want to consider SK Jewellery’s AllStar Diamond, which has achieved a 3-Star Ultimate grade on Sarine Light™ Performance report for its light performance. In other words, no matter which angle you’re admiring the diamond from, you’ll always get a gorgeous and glittering gem.

#3 Setting

Simply put, a ring’s setting describes how the diamond(s) is/are being held in place. It also then affects the overall style and look of your ring. A common example is the prong setting. Here, the diamond piece is being held on by numerous prongs, making it easy to admire the full diamond and for light to shine through.

Photo: SK Jewellery

The above AllStar Diamond ring is set among five slim prongs, bringing to mind the stars that dot our skies. Featuring the signature Star shape detail, the AllStar Diamond shines brightly at any angle, whether you’ve decided to get one in a classic or brilliant Pavé band.

For those who prefer a more special design, you may also wish to go for a customised AllStar Diamond ring based on your favourite setting at SK Jewellery.

#4 Design

It goes without saying – you’ll want to pick a design that speaks to and captivates you. With endless choices out there, making the final decision is a tough process. But if you’re searching for something special, SK Jewellery’s AllStar Diamond collection might be the right one.

It boasts a 101-facet United States-patent modified lab-grown diamond, an elevated version from the usual 57-facet cut diamonds. This means that light leakage points are lessened and in turn, the diamond gets to shine at its fullest potential.

What sets the AllStar Diamond collection – there are eight ring designs to choose from – apart from the rest? The answer is simple: Its perfectly symmetrical and unique star design spotted on its culet (a flat face on the bottom of a gemstone), coupled with its even light distribution throughout the diamond, makes it a show-stopping piece.

Photo: SK Jewellery

Another highlight: You’ll spot the 10 Hearts and 10 Arrows in the diamond. This symmetrical design is the result of the expertise and excellence of SK Jewellery. For you, that means owning a brilliant piece that will shine brightly under all lighting conditions.

#5 Shopping experience

Diamond ring shopping is not to be rushed. If a sales associate is pressuring you into buying a design that you’re not entirely sure of, consider visiting another place. Pick a trusted jeweller – such as SK Jewellery – that emphasises on experience, expertise and excellent customer service.

Not only is SK Jewellery well-loved for its contemporary collections, the largest jewellery retail chain in Singapore is also committed to innovation and design. Its AllStar Diamond collection is a testament to its boundary-breaking ethos, offering everyone beautiful gems that are of the best design, quality and value. So, go ahead and book a private appointment in-store for a fully personalised consultation.

To find out more about SK Jewellery’s AllStar Diamond collection, click here.

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