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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo looks positively radiant in yet another Chaumet campaign that exudes elegance at its finest. 

In a bid to capture what a modern-day heiress would look like, Song is dressed in a simple yet powerful black gown, that showed off the magnificently crafted jewellery from Chaumet.

Renowned for her long-standing career in the South Korean entertainment industry, it is only fitting that Song dons the Dentelle de Lumière tiara as a symbol of her success as a queen of the silver screen.

Credit: Chaumet

The tiara in white gold is set with 24-carat worth of brilliant-cut diamonds in a purposefully-subdued lattice design — one of Chaumet’s hallmarks.

Trading the tiara for a necklace, Song wears the Joséphine Aigrette Impériale necklace crafted with pear-shaped diamonds that drapes naturally on the neckline. This is a showstopper with 523 individual gems set in white gold – a necklace fit for the grandest gala.

Credit: Chaumet

Matching the necklace’s sparkling prowess, the Joséphine Splendeur Impériale solitaire ring acts as the crown jewel on Song’s finger. The ring sports a 5-carat brilliant-cut diamond perched on even more diamonds — a true feast for the eyes. 

Chaumet understands that different occasions call for different accessories. The Promenades Imperiales necklace hanging effortlessly on Song’s neck continues the overarching splendour of the entire collection while emanating playfulness.

Credit: Chaumet

The glittery piece sports both white and pink gold, pear and cabochon-cut Padparadscha sapphires from Ceylon that are set amongst an eye-catching diamond pendant of various cuts.

Of course, the art of accessorising can be tricky with such an extravagant necklace – any other jewellery has to hold its own without being obtrusive. The Joséphine Aube Printanière Solitaire ring in platinum complements it to a tee.

This article was first published in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.