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It’s virtually impossible to go onto the internet now without seeing heart wrenching photos of how pollution is affecting wildlife: polar bears digging through trash heaps, seals caught in plastic trash or turtles dying from ingesting  plastic after mistaking it for food. But for those who have already pledged to eradicate their usage of plastic or seek clothing brands that are produced sustainably, pat yourselves on the back. For those who want to one-up the sustainability game and actually see physical results when purchasing a fashion item, you can make and see a difference when you purchase a bracelet from Seven Clean Seas.

Founded in 2018 by financial adviser Thomas Peacock-Nazil, Seven Clean Seas has its humble origins as a beach clean up community: a movement where like-minded individuals gather to clean up waste on our shores. Fast forward one year later, the community has cleaned up over 15,000 kilograms of ocean plastic. Their latest endeavour? A bracelet that when purchased, will prompt Seven Clean Seas to remove 500 grams of plastic waste from the shores. 

Each bracelet is made with sustainability and long-term wear in mind: its made of a waxed cotton rope that is biodegradable (which is to say once is completely disintegrates, it won’t pollute our environment) and its charm is made of stainless steel which is a 100% recyclable material.

And if you think that simply purchasing it won’t make too big of a difference, here’s the math: each bracelet removes 500 grams of plastic waste and if each 500ml pet bottle weighs approximately 10 grams, you’re helping to remove at least 50 bottles. And that’s a lot of bottles in case you were wondering. 

If you’ve decided against purchasing their bracelets, you don’t have to do much to show your support. Just stop using plastic straws. 

We’re not asking you to completely change your lifestyle here but if you’ve decided you want to play a part in keeping our oceans clean, Seven Clean Seas organises beach clean ups pretty often (you can check for date listings here).

A Seven Clean Seas bracelet retails at approximately S$27 (US$20) and can be purchased at

Photos: Instagram/sevencleanseas

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