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You can’t fault us for this: The Rolex Submariner is one the most iconic timepiece when it comes to luxury watches.

First introduced in 1953 as a divers’ watch that can withstand pressure to a depth of 100 metres underwater, this extravagant arm candy is Rolex’s second biggest breakthrough in mastering the technicalities of waterproofing (the first being their Oyster Perpetual) that sets the benchmark for future diving watches.

So, how did it go from a divers’ waterproof watch to a highly coveted timepiece that’s recognised by many?

It started out with Bond. James Bond. This wristwatch’s fame was propelled by the first ever James Bond film, Dr. No (1962), where Sean Connery was spotted wearing Rolex’s Submariner Reference 6538 (which was fashioned in a leather strap, without a date display) in the movie. This statement timepiece continued to make its appearance on the arms of Connery’s character in the subsequent series, such as From Russia with Love (1963) and Thunderball (1965).

Furthermore, there was an increase in popularity of steel watches in the ’80s due to its elegant and sophisticated outlook, and the Submariner was the epitome of style and refinement.

Despite its heydays in the ’60s and ’80s, the Submariner is one that’s easily recognised by the younger generations (such as the Millennials and Gen Z) till date, which proves to show that this iconic timepiece had made an impression in history. 

A watch that was created for men, this signature arm candy has evolved into a unisex accessory. The Submariner has been seen on many female celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz. Here are three reasons why the Rolex Submariner should be your first luxury timepiece to invest in.




1. It is a classic timepiece

The Submariner did not have a significant change in its design since its first launch (minor tweaks were made to the bezel in 1956 and crown guards in 1962, to name a few). In other words, this watch has a timeless aesthetic composition that’ll never run out of style.


2. It is always of the highest quality

As aforementioned, the Submariner is the watch that set the standards for every other waterproof watches. Nonetheless, Rolex isn’t complacent: They’ve constantly been making changes to its mechanism in order to ensure it stays competitive.

Some technicalities that have improved are its waterproofing ability (the Submariner can withstand pressures to 300m underwater), movement (made in-house with their own Parachrom hairspring that makes the watch 10 times more shock resistant than others) and exterior (904L steel, which is an extremely strong and durable material that’s commonly found in aerospace and chemical engineering).


3. Its price increases every year

Similar to Chanel’s 2.55 and Hermès’ Birkin, the Submariner is constantly rising in value in the world of watches.

During its inaugural introduction in the ’50s, the dateless timepiece could be bought at US$1,248 (approx S$1,694). Just one decade later, the 18k gold version was valued at US$1,422 (approx S$1,931), a 13.9 per cent increase in its original retail price. Today, the average price of a Submariner can easily be more than a hefty sum of S$10,000.

This proves to show that the iconic Rolex timepiece appreciates in value over time, perfect as a long-term investment.


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