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We live in a world that’s not black and white. It’s a colourful world and that’s what international award-winning bespoke jeweller, Madly, which is based in Singapore, wants you to experience with their gemstone creations.

Their shop, located at the hipster enclave of Tiong Bahru, is non-descript and looks just like any other residential or office unit, but when you go in, you enter a colourful world of possibilities.

At the reception area, you’ll be greeted by a wall of fame of rare and precious stones from Spinels to Tourmalines. But this is also where your Madly bespoke process begins where someone from the passionate Madly team will find out what stones you’re looking for, the colours that you like and your budget before they recommend the gemstones (and later on, a design) that fit your criteria.

At Madly, their studio uses only natural day lighting when showcasing gems. This is a tip to note when you’re shopping for your gemstones because that’s the best way to observe a gemstone’s natural beauty; and the principle behind it is that fine coloured gem-quality stones don’t need any help to sparkle and shine.

After picking your gemstone(s) of choice, the international award-winning designers from Madly will dream up a design for you. At Madly, their design philosophy is simple: one small twist can make a world of difference, and the execution of a design is just as crucial as the design itself. Every jewel is unique because no two gemstones are alike. Unlike white diamonds, every green tourmaline, for example, will vary in hue, shape, size and cut. It’s just like how we don’t all look the same wearing a black pencil skirt. How you wear it and what you pair it with will differ and it’ll be uniquely you, because humans are multi-faceted, just like gemstones.

You can customise anything from an engagement ring to a pair of statement earrings to necklaces. And if you’re bored of your old jewellery or diamond ring, you can take it to Madly for resetting to give it new life when you pair with it with other variety of colours or stones. The outcome will be completely different with the touch of Madly’s team of experts.

If you need a little help narrowing down which gemstones best suit you, here’s a mini guide on accessorising according to your fashion personality. 

A fashion tip from us: Don’t pick gemstones to match your daily outfit (cos’ that will change every day), instead pick the ones that will complement your fashion personality. That way, your investment is more everlasting.

This begs the question: Which fashion tribe do you belong to? Keep on reading to find out.


Sleek, sharp silhouettes accompanied by a monochromatic colour scheme are what we’ll find if we were to raid your closet.

Simple and frills-free, your dressing approach is straightforward, clean and classy. Stripped down to basics and essentials, your capsule wardrobe – we rightfully assume you have one – is practical and stores your go-tos in a way that allows you to dress up in the most efficient manner.

The most common items we’d see you in are as follows: Timeless chunky knits, jeans with amazing cuts, sleek trousers and of course, the ever-classic t-shirt in every pared-down neutral colour fathomable by man.


If you’re a romantic, you probably own more billowy floral dresses than you’re proud of. We’d describe your signature style as feminine, dreamy and bohemian chic. Yup, when it comes to airy crochets, flirty lace and floaty diaphanous maxi dresses (bonus points if they’re printed with nature-inspired patterns!), your collection is unmatched.

You’re typically seen in earthy colours such as nudes, greens and even blushing pinks, and nothing thrills you more than the recent emergence of the uber cute and feminine puffy sleeve trend.


As the name suggests, your fashion style can easily be described as sophisticated, fullstop.

You’re one to opt for elegant, lady-like ensembles such as the Little Black Dress, a statement sturdy coat with a gorgeous cut, or a charming blazer-dress-and-high-heels combo.

You’re refined and polish, with almost an impulsion to keep every aspect of your appearance in a shipshape manner throughout the day.

Sticking to mostly neutrals like black, whites, greys and nudes, you won’t shy away from the occasional pop of colour into your look for a preppy touch. Avoiding trends which are too “out there” for your liking, you’re mostly stick to tried-and-true classics and your style icons would most probably be Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or even Kate Middleton.


For the expressive bunch, avant garde ensembles, bright loud prints and bold cuts won’t frighten you. In fact, you’re playful enough to embrace the most outrageous trends and would more often that not try to incorporate elements of them into your work wardrobe.

It’s all about having as much fun as you can with fashion, and adding a dash of your own personality into your look; “boring” just isn’t in your vocabulary. We’d probably find on-trend items such as animal prints, a dash of neon, feather-trimmed trousers or eclectic cuts and silhouettes in your closet.

As for a colour scheme, we wouldn’t dare nail you down to anything specific, you’re probably all over the radar while experimenting with the whole spectrum!



Fan of athleisure? We can hardly blame you.

Convenience, comfort and style all in one? It’s no wonder the sporty aesthetic is getting more and more popular over the years.

From edgy bombers, laidback sweaters, fitted trousers that mimic tights and trendy sneakers to utility-style cargo pants that have recently been deemed trendy again, you’re always placing practicality and comfort at the top of your priority list. Always on the go, your busy lifestyle needs to be catered to. You may also have a fondness for yoga, spin classes and all things surrounding fitness.


The Classic

For the classic dresser, loud fleeting trends are avoided like the plague. You know what looks good, and you’re sticking to them: timeless neutrals such as black, gray, navy blue and beige, clean and straightforward silhouettes and fuss-free basics that are fail-safe. Soft tailoring and draping are favoured for their elegant and flattering qualities and your outfits are usually simple with an air of business-like sophistication.

Ultimately, seeing is believing. So book your appointment with Madly today by calling +65 65501544.