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Deliberately mismatched earrings can give an outfit a creative twist and a tinge of classy rebellion when done right.

The statement look was seen on a few spring 2017 runway shows, from brands such as British label JW Anderson and Italian luxury label Marni.

From wearing a long shoulder- length piece on one ear and a smaller stud on the other to simply putting on a single bright-coloured statement piece on one ear, almost anything goes with this fun look. It is about moving slightly out of your comfort zone and trying out different combinations.

But to make sure that you do not look like you got dressed in the dark, here are some things to consider when wearing asymmetrical earrings:

 1) Keep some things consistent

A mismatched pair can look perfectly compatible with just one similar element. It can be parts that are made of the same base metal, have a similar palette or matching shapes, stones and gems.


 2) Any pair can become a solo piece

The best thing about this look is that you do not have to specifically look for a mismatched set of earrings. Large or long pairs might be too over the top for an everyday look when worn together, but having a simple stud on the other ear or nothing at all will give you an edgy look.


 3) Keep your outfit simple

To really let your statement jewellery stand out, wear an outfit that has just one or two colours.


 4) Pick a complementary hairstyle

A side-swept hairdo will help complement and complete the asymmetrical look.

For a more subtle and classy style, wear the smaller earring on the pulled-back side and let the longer piece peek through your hair. Or do the opposite for a more daring ensemble.

Here are some pairs to try.


1) Circular earrings, $29.90, from Zara

The light pink shade adds a feminine touch to the bold circular shapes.



2) Spur Moments QVII, $65, from Soon Lee, available at

The matching black howlite discs help tie this edgy pair together.



3) Red earrings, $35, from Cos

Simple and understated yet bold and elegant, this mismatched pair will add a creative twist to any outfit.




4) Sphere and hoop earrings, $11.90, from Pull&Bear

The mismatched style does not always mean picking drastically different pieces. This uncomplicated pair will add flair to any outfit.


5) Scarf hoop earring, $29.90, from Mango

This single piece is vibrant enough on its own to add panache to any look.



6) Eye-drop earrings, $33.90, from Topshop

Wear just one side of this statement pair or match it with a simple stud for a quirky look with an edgy vibe.


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