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Hunting for the right pair of earrings is similar to purchasing a well-fitted shirt: It has to be fashioned in the perfect cut that fits you to the T. So, don’t be swayed by the endless array of options available out there — when it comes to earrings, there’s no one size fits all.

Hoops for instance, are not kind to those with rounder features. Always check your face shape first and consider these tips before your next accessory purchase.


If you have a square face

What it is: The length between your forehead to chin is equidistant to the length between your cheeks.

Avoid: Drop earrings that end at the jaw, as well as angular pieces. These will simply accentuate your masculine jawline.

Go for: Hoops of all sorts. Traditional gold-plated hoops are your best bet for a classy and simple look, or go for bright and bold pieces to add a splash of colour to your LBD. If you don’t want to give up on drop earrings, get something that’s short and does not fall at the level of your jawline.


If you have a round face

What it is: The circumference of your face is rounder with no visible harsh jawline.

Avoid: Hoops as it’ll simply make your face even rounder.

Go for: Square or oblong earrings to visually break the circular shape of your face. For drop earrings, opt for those that are super long (à la Hollywood style) as it’ll create the illusion of a longer face.


If you have an oval face

What it is: The length between your forehead to chin is longer than the length between your cheeks.

Avoid: Nothing. You’re blessed with a universally attractive face shape that can carry off any type of ear accessory.

Go for: A simple stud during working hours and something fancier, like a pair of statement earrings, for the night. If your features are slightly longer (aka long oval), go for a pair that’s wider to balance out the width of your face.


If you have a heart-shaped face


What it is: Length between your temples is longer than the lower parts of your facial feature (i.e. inverted triangle).

Avoid: Inverted triangle earrings, or thin drop earrings as they do not have the substantial “weight” to balance out your top heavy facial shape.

Go for: Bottom heavy earrings that fall at or below your chin (think triangular shaped earrings). This will help to bring volume and weight to the lower half of your face.


If you have a diamond-shaped face


What it is: Length between your cheeks is relatively wide. The length from your forehead to nose is equidistant to the length from your nose to chin.

Avoid: Anything that’s chunky and wide will make your face appear longer horizontally.

Go for: Drop earrings that can end at any level. We recommend texturised pieces that add volume to the lower part of your face shape.