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Credit: Monica Vinader

As one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stylists, Kate Young is known for her work with celebrity clients such as Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson, to name but a few.

“Kate has a way of making a woman look and feel confident through an irresistible balance of style and personality,” says Monica Vinader, who founded her eponymous brand in 2007.

The British jewellery designer explained how they both bonded over their love of vintage jewellery as they were both avid collectors. This naturally evolved into the idea of designing something together.

“I’ve admired her work as a stylist for a long time, and we’ve connected a few times over the years when she styled her clients in our pieces,” shares Vinader.

The 13-piece collection is made up of statement earrings, sleek bracelets and necklaces, but at its heart is a bold simplicity that speaks of the collection’s inherent versatility to be dressed up or down, layered or stacked.

Gemstone tennis necklaces in green onyx and lemon quartz, $940 each, and gold-plated vermeil bangles, $1,035 each

In this exclusive interview with Her World, Kate Young lets us in on the collaboration process, as well as her inspiration and love of exquisitely crafted jewellery.

What was your relationship with jewellery growing up?

I loved looking through my mum’s jewellery box as a child. I especially loved her charm bracelet, because she had a charm for every milestone and place she travelled to.

As a stylist, how important is jewellery as part of your look?

Jewellery says a lot about who you are, but it’s also about wearing what you feel best in.

Tell us more about the significance of black, green and gold colours.

Gemstone cocktail earrings in green onyx, $525

I lean towards neutrals, but absolutely love colour, especially green. I find it calming and grounding, and it gives jewellery an opulent feel. On the other hand, the lemon quartz and black onyx reflect my love for neutral palettes.

Which personality nails their jewellery pairings every single time?

Brooke Neidich, designer and owner of Chicago-based fine jewellery line Sidney Garber, and fashion designer and entrepreneur Mary-Kate Olsen!

Are jewellery trends cyclical like fashion?

Sort of. Jewellery sticks around longer, so the trends don’t move as quickly. Recently, stuff from the ’80s is looking really modern to me.