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At a time when the most prestigious brands are unveiling high jewellery collections, Swarovski is reaching out to women looking for audacity and optimism with its new jewellery collection. Landing in several distinct lines, this summer collection is rich in colour and is inspired by nature, giving rise to various motifs.


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Swarovski’s Creative Director, Nathalie Colin, said in a statement: “Summertime for me means sun, vacation, travel and being able to wear more colour! I have always embraced colour, and it’s a significant part of the Swarovski DNA. To add to a much-needed optimistic mindset, I wanted to go bright and bold to express joy, fun, love, and happiness with a brilliant rainbow-inspired collection!”

The rainbow is a key inspiration in the “Ginger” line, which pops with vivid colours in brilliant pavé crystal, featuring circular shapes creating graphic effects. The more understated “Lisabel” line is rich in gold shades and bee and honeycomb motifs, while the “Swarovski Remix Collection” offers multiple possibilities with customizable bracelets to layer or wear alone.

This Swarovski summer 2018 collection is accompanied by an advertising campaign starring the brand’s global ambassador, Karlie Kloss, who is joined by renowned models Fei Fei Sun and Jourdan Dunn.


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