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rose gold jewellery


Many mistakenly believe that the rise of rose gold in jewellery began in the 1920s, where Cartier first popularized the pink-tinted metal in its ever-classic Trinity Band. But the truth is that rose gold has a much longer history. Archaeologists have discovered that an eye for rose gold dates back to the first millennia in ancient Colombia. There, gold works were burnished to expose rosy, orange undertones.

Rose gold was so popular in Russia in the 19th century, and was so intertwined with nobility that back then, the metal was referred to as “Russian gold”. In the 20th century, its popularity waxed and waned. Fast-forward to today, it its time appears to have arrived. Brands like Apple create editions of phones and smart watches in the colour, while jewellers from Piaget to Tiffany have fully embraced its tones.

A mix of copper and gold, accessories in this alluring hue give the notion of romance, femininity and summer love. In a world that is often coldly technological, rose gold — now a mainstream colourway embraced even by men — offers a sense of calm and peace. The 11 decadent pieces we deliver to you are a proposition to embrace all of those things, and to step into a world that hints at warmth and hope.