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sg affordable jewellery

sg affordable jewellery


We had earlier presented many different homegrown brands that are flourishing – from food, fashion to beauty brands. No doubt, Singapore is not lacking in creativity and talent. And as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the world is our oyster and these made-in-Singapore brands are our pearls – quite literally.

Jewellery are like icing on the cake. They just make everything better.

So we thought, why not marry our love for jewellery with the pride and joys of Singapore? That’s why we’re spotlighting six local jewellery brands. There is no need to break the bank to look good, and definitely no need to look overseas to find unique brands and designs for your next favourite accessory.

Without further ado, below are some of our favourites so far:


Studio Emoi

Studio Emoi, incepted only four months ago, uses Asian technique of filigree to create handmade bespoke jewellery pieces. Craftsmen meticulously hand-shape a piece of metal wire to create customisable designs – making this a wonderful choice for a personalised gift.

The brand currently offers two iterations – bangles and rings. The former range from $125 to $219 and can accommodate 10 letters, while the latter (available from October 22) are priced between $55 to $99 and can hold four including a heart and ampersand (&). 

Studio Emoi have explored both design and practicality of their items, only using materials that do not irritate sensitive skin – 14k rose gold, yellow gold and 935 Argentium silver. 

To get the best fit, you can book an appointment to get your sizing or choose from set measurements online. Plus, shipping is free for Singapore addresses and you can expect your piece within eight working days.


Amado Gudek

Founded by Raffles Design Institute alumnus, Elaine Tan, the ethos of Amado Gudek is about sustainability and renewability. Her interest in resin jewellery came after a summer course at Central Saint Martins in London. Using bioresin sourced from California, these resins are made from co-products or unwanted waste created by industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuel production. If you love green fashion and crave unique products, Amado Gudek is the brand for you.



Asia is brought to the fore with Dvibhumi. The name combines two Sanskrit words meaning ‘two’ and ‘earth’ – combining the heritage and experiences of the founder-designer Vyshnavi N Doss. Having lived in India and Southeast Asia, Vyshnavi uses simple, understated methods to highlight Asian artistic traditions and aesthetics. Detail is everything. An example is the ‘Abhaya’ architectural dome danglers, which combines Islamic and Renaissance design elements.




Jemsa at SheShops

Jemsa at SheShops carries a curated collection of trendy and stylish jewellery pieces. Their modern interpretations are adorned with materials like pearls, golds and Swarovski crystals. One playful take is the Robo Love necklace, which uses a robot made of cellulose acetate. The Jemsa woman? One who is definitely modern and youthful.



The Mindful Company

The Mindful Company, by Ciara Yeo and Wen Ling Lim, recognises and embraces the crazy turbulences in life. Creating modern jewellery that hopefully inspires, The Mindful Company is also a registered social enterprise with raiSE Singapore. The brand supports causes that address mental health and wellbeing issues and aims to foster inclusivity and community spirit.



Yard Yarn

Statement jewellery need not be heavy, as founder Genevieve Tan has proven with her brand Yard Yarn. Through the use of materials uncommon in jewellery making – dressmaking implements such as grommets and cordstoppers, the brand expresses their individuality through unexpected juxtapositions and avant-garde designs.