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There’s more to a watch than just telling the time. The ideal timepiece should also look good on your wrist and help with your daily tasks, while giving you the confidence to get through the day. The Seiko Lukia collection ticks all these boxes – and more – making it an ideal Christmas gift for yourself or a special female friend or family member. Here are five reasons to get one of its designs.

1/ It epitomises the modern Asian woman

The aim of the Lukia collection is to reflect the diversified personalities and qualities of modern Asian women. In fact, its name perfectly sums up these important qualities – ‘Lucid’, ‘Unison’, ‘Keen’, ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Active’. It’s a collection for the woman who lives smart and positively – and on her own terms too.

2/ It unleashes your feminine charms

This season’s theme is ‘time’ and Lukia expresses the idea that a watch is a gift from time. It conveys the notion that women become more charismatic and confident with time, therefore the timepieces have feminine design characteristics. They also place an emphasis on elegance, featuring sweet colours such as pink, silver and rose gold.

3/ The brand’s ambassador is an Asian icon

Forget campaigns fronted by Hollywood stars or supermodels, the Lukia collection is led by one of the best Asian icons of feminine charms – Ariel Lin. The popular star has been appointed the brand’s ambassador once again and her elegant, sentimental and professional personalities are a perfect match for this collection. Ariel is featured in a refreshing short hairstyle in the ad campaign, the epitome of style and elegance that defines the woman who chooses Lukia.

4/ It’s super functional

The Seiko Lukia range is functional in women’s daily lives. You’ll never run behind schedule, thanks to the specifications of 7T12 quartz movement and up to 60-minute time measurement in 1/5 second of the SRW787P1 and SRW793P1 models. And the SSA812J1 applies 4R38 auto and hand-winding movement, reminding women to be who they are while expressing their energies and confidence too.


Plus, all three models are decorated with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and feature 100-metre water resistance, so there’s no need to keep taking it off and putting it back on during the course of the day. It won’t interfere with your daily routine but, instead, allows you to shine in every moment of your life.

5/ It’s available in irresistible colours

Say goodbye to boring-looking watches and add a touch of colour to your wrist instead. The SRW788P1 model features a rose gold bezel and cherry blossom pink dial that matches with a stainless steel band, giving your professional outfits a feminine touch.


The models SRW793 and SSA812J1 are presented in leather straps, with the former available in a white dial as well as pink indices and hands – a simple yet elegant look that’s easy to match. And the latter comes in a hollow-out design, with a cherry blossom seen on the dial. The colour combination gives it a romantic touch, while the transparent dial, decorated with six crystal pieces, provides a view of parts of the watch. It doesn’t just look pretty, it feels beautiful too.

From $454.80, available at Seiko boutiques and authorised dealers’ stores.

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