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Welcome to our Ask the Expert column where we answer all your fashion conundrums.

This month, we talk about a perennial classic – the cardigan. We love it on our grandmas, but what we don’t love is an old and matronly look. So here’s how to rock the cardigan and look 25 not 65.

Dial up the sexy

The Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 show had a multitude of looks in prim cardigans: some with sheer skirts, and some with only underwear (yes, you read that right). The pantless look is obviously a runway novelty, but we approve of the sheer skirt pairing with a prim and preppy cardigan, sheer black stockings, and a pair of pointed patent leather heels.

Colour-blocking is a great way to add pizazz to an ensemble

Don’t be afraid to clash patterns, prints and colours with your cardigan. For beginners, keep to a similar colour palette, and experiment with contrasting the colours.

Denim gives a casual look to a serious fit

The last thing you’d want is to (accidentally) look like a Stepford wife, so contrast the prim button-up cardigan with distressed bottoms, like a pair of ripped baggy jeans or acid-washed jeans.

Got a fashion dilemma?

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