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Well, what do you know? November has rolled around again and many of us have started planning – or even leaving – for our year-end vacations.

If packing for your trip usually involves dealing with tears, mould and mildew on your rarely-worn winter clothing, then you might not be storing your coats, jackets and woolens properly.

Mike Hagbeck, CEO of self-storage solution, Extra Space gives us some tips on the upkeep of your expensive winter clothing in our warm and humid weather:

1. Store leather coats, down jackets, woolens and other winter wear in air-conditioned storage units to counter dampness and prevent mould and mildew from forming.

2. Vacuum-pack your winter clothing. By doing so, you not only halve the amount of storage space you require, but you also protect your clothes from moisture, mildew, insects, odour and allergens as well.

3. To prevent mildew, use a dry – not wet! – cloth to clean your apparel before storing it in boxes. Do not keep clothes in bin liners or sealed plastic bags as these will trap moisture.

4. Wash or dry clean your clothes before storing them in garment bags with cedar balls inside, as cedar repels insects. You can buy cedar balls at aromatherapy stores and at shops that sell storage accessories.

5. Hang your clothes on a sturdy rack. Using good quality hangers will help retain the shape of the clothes better. A rack will also make it easier for you to organise and find your clothes when you need to use them.

6. Use bubble wrap or plastic as stuffing for your leather bags to help them retain their shape and store them in their original dust bag covers. Remember to never use paper for stuffing as it attracts pests and insects. If you don’t have the original dust bag, store your stuffed bags in soft, natural fibre pillowcases.

7. For efficient shoe storage, label your shoe boxes with a picture of the shoes inside for easy identification.

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