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ZoukOut, the once a year, party-your-guts-out dance festival is upon us yet again. This time, the big event will take place on December 10, with acts such as Armin Van Buuren, Avicii and Carl Craig poised to spin tunes all night and day long.

The theme this year is “One Tribe” and has been set by SingTel, the “chieftain” of ZoukOut, being yet again the party’s title sponsor. In line with that theme, the SingTel tent will take the form of a 20m high tepee (with two levels no less) which will have light beams emanating from it.

Party premiums promised will be entirely tribal-inspired, like mystic wristbands, feather spirit quills you can wear around your head, whistles on lanyards and definitely the coolest of all, finger laser pointers called finger torches.

As always, it will be unbecoming not to dress up to fit the them, even more so since ZoukOut is the place to see and be seen. Trust us, you won’t want to end up the worst dressed person in a crowd of cool kids looking like Pocahontas or members of the Masai tribe.

That’s why we have these three handy tips, along with celebrity inspirations, on what to wear to help you prep for the largest dance party of the year.

 1)     Make it elaborate
Decide if you rather go all out or keep it simple. If you choose to go all out, take a leaf from singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle (pictured above) at this year’s Coachella Music Festival and adopt bold colours and/or patterns full of tribal-heavy embellishments, such as Navajo embroidery patterns or circular paillettes.

What to wear to ZoukOut 2011

Make it extra costume-y (and you should, if you dare) with an elaborate feather headgear like what Doolittle has on. Don’t forget to throw in a good dose of confidence and devil-may-care attitude; or you might end up resembling a tragic fashion victim instead.

2)      Try tribal-inspired accessories
Don’t have the cojones to pull off the all-out look? Be inspired by Sienna Miller, who dressed up her simple tank top and cut-off denim shorts with a tribal-esque printed bag, a chunky metal cuff, a stolen-from-a-tribeswoman silver necklace and a crochet vest. We like how laid-back and effortless the look is without being too casual.

What to wear to ZoukOut 2011 What to wear to ZoukOut 2011
(Left) Sienna Miller (Right) Kate Moss

3)      Go for vintage
It can be hard to look cool in tribal prints when everything in stores have more or less the same tired old pattern, just in a myriad of different colours. The perennial fashion icon Kate Moss, took to the Glastonbury music festival in a vintage tribal print vest that we’re sure no one else had. Look through your parent’s closet or thrift stores around Singapore; you’ll be surprised with what you find.

For more, check out our gallery on what you can buy below.

Singtel presents ZoukOut 2011 takes place on Saturday December 10, Sentosa Siloso Beach, 6pm to 8am.