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Wait, are Korean-style eyebrows still a thing? 

I’m referring to that trend for thick and slightly tapered eyebrows, which tends to have a most curious effect on your facial proportions. I, for one, find the “flatness” of a straight brow to have a disconcerting effect of stamping out adult sensuality and rendering your features oddly child-like. 

Or take it from our #MakeupModel of the moment and blogger babe Wengie, who says that K-Brows “make you look so innocent and approachable” (her words, not mine). Charitable translation: Thick brows are quite simply a telltale sign of youth. 

Right, then. Ready to ramp up your brow game? Wengie’s hands-on video tutorial is as good a place to start as any. There are a ton of incredible ingenious tips to try – skip to 1:33 for a really resourceful brow brush hack – plus the entire shebang’s so simple to pull off, too.

Here’s the only guiding principle to adhere to, at least in my beauty books. Always apply your go-to brow product with a stronger hand at the inner corners and peter it out to the ends; never draw a thick broad band across the entire brow, as this can come off as severe and strangely stilted. 

Per Wengie, use short, swift strokes to etch in the inner and outer ends of your brow, where the “baby” hairs are softer and paler. Buff and blend into the darker body of the brow so there’s no discernable demarcation between the two “types” of hair. This subtle interplay between light and dark makes for a multidimensional, infinitely more natural-looking brow, while retaining the thickness that’s a hallmark of Korean-style eyebrows. 

Oh yeah, one more thing: Don’t be too precious about getting both sides to square up just so. Brows may come in pairs, but they’re by no means identical, so don’t fret over every single strand. Key takeaway: Bringing balance and proportion to your face is of the essence for any brow“look” you’re gunning for, trendy or no.

Click play on the video and get in on all the “high-brow” action – and while you’re at it, feel free to bookmark herworldPLUS’ YouTube channel, which has a pretty great collection of makeup how-tos, if we do say so ourselves. Enjoy!