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The foundation pieces to every woman’s wardrobe, classic staples such as a trusty blazer and a timeless white tee are essential pieces that can be depended upon for easier day-to-day dressing. Taking the guesswork out of daily styling, these wardrobe basics will help you out for any and every occasion.


1. Blazers

Nothing formalises an outfit quicker than a well-fitted blazer. A black piece is certainly a must-have. However, a patterned design or a coloured blazer can add depth to a look too.


2. Structured shirts

There’s something very alluring about a woman in a clean, no-nonsense structured shirt. It’s perfect for the boardroom but when paired with denim shorts, the structured shirt is not out of place on the weekends too.


3. Camisole dresses

Classic, trend-less and goes with everything—you can’t go wrong with a camisole dress. Throw a blazer over for work and heading for drinks and dinner after work? Replace the blazer with a simple scarf or statement costume necklace.


4. Pencil skirts

Nothing says office sophistication more than a pencil skirt—and the pencil skirt doesn’t yell it, it just exudes. Haven’t you seen then-actress, now-Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle in almost every scene of Suits? Also, this timeless wardrobe staple is easy to match and when worn in the right fit, is extremely flattering for all body shapes.


5. Wide-legged pants

Comfortable and chic, no woman has ever found the wide-legged pants a difficult piece to wear. If you are petite, go for a high-waisted pair so it gives the illusion of longer legs (which equates to an illusion of height!). Just be sure to match the pants with a more form-fitting top so the overall silhouette doesn’t overwhelm, unless that’s the effect you are going for.


6. Straight-leg jeans

The classic cut every woman should have—straight-leg jeans are not as tight as skinny jeans nor too baggy as boyfriend’s jeans. Straight-leg jeans straddle between relaxed-casual and smart-casual so there’s more versatility. Wear them with a white shirt and the look is perfect for Casual Fridays at the office or a simple tee to a weekend brunch.


7. Leather sneakers

Sneakers are traditionally an informal footwear choice (check out these ones that you can wear at the office) but put quality smooth leather into the mix and it sits perfectly well in a work environment. With work shoes this stylish and comfortable, we can now bid farewell to unnecessary stilettos!


8. Basic cotton tees

Never underestimate the versatility of the basic cotton tees. Get them in a wide array of colours and cuts and a good foundation of your wardrobe will be established. Whether worn alone or as a layering option underneath camisole dresses, bustiers, vests, jackets and blazers, the sky’s the limit when mixing and matching with the basic cotton tees.


9. Belts

The unsung heroes of most wardrobes, good belts can make or break an outfit. Oftentimes, belts are treated as very practical solutions to loose-fitting jeans but belts, especially embellished or brightly coloured ones, can add interesting details to your clothes. And think outside of the box with belts—beside just wearing them around your trousers’ belt loops, you can put them on after your blazers or maxi dress to tighten the whole look together.