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The Instagram-influencer bubble is bursting. There, we said it. Because in today’s world where the fashion and styles previously reserved for the 1% (you know, rich kids?) have now become democratic thanks to the high-street, it’s easy to dress like everybody and anybody you admire or know. That could either be a good thing (for those who want to start getting into fashion) or a bad thing (we’re calling it, fashion-sheep mentality).

Which influencers should you then follow for true style? We’re thinking of these 10 ladies who’ve been consistent in their style – some of them do #OldCeline-esque minimalism, some are into ‘90s style (and for good reasons) and some make the white-tee + jeans combo look incredibly appealing. Click on for more.


1. Savina Chai’s Big & Boxy


Layering in this heatwave? Not a problem for this tropical body ✨

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If you’re thinking that tailoring means razor-sharp um, tailoring, you might want to look at Savina’s outfit and think again. But you don’t have to think of which brands you need to purchase these boxy separates though – chances are you might already own a pair of these high-waisted palazzo pants but for the blazer, just nick them off your boyfriend. Modernise them too with thong sandals, no stuffy loafers please.


2. Camira Asrori’s ‘80s Redux

The fluorescent pink ruched satin dress, the giant gold graphic earrings and the severely slicked back hair – Camira took a time warp to the ‘80s (the good part fyi) and it’s not hard to see why when fashion designers such as Michael Kors or Saint Laurent are doing it. In an era where club girls love wearing bandage dresses or streetwear, you’re going to want to be that chick who shows them up.


3. Yoyo Cao’s Modern Gold Jewellery


Bling it back @exhibitstore

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It’s easy to be awed by everything that Yoyo Cao wears because damn, you’d be hard pressed to disagree that this girl seriously has style. But we’re going to zoom in to something she’s wearing that’s less expected – her jewellery. It’s graphic, minimal in a very ‘90s fashion, and because there’re so many great jewellery designs from the high street to the high end, you’re able to get them at any budget.


4. Nicole Wong’s New-Evening Chic


Classic neutral palette my way. @bottegaveneta @nohkej

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Nicole Wong proves that you don’t have to do the old glitz-and-glam shebang when the invitation card to a party states “evening glam”. The sleeveless belted dress with a subtle sexy thigh slit modernises the evening dress and the sexy quotient is upped when you pair it with high-heeled ankle boots. But the piece de resistance? A roomy but mini tote because you’re going to want to be prepared (aka your deodorant + cards + makeup is going to fit in it).


5. Tabitha Nauser’s ‘90s Hip Hop Hype

You don’t only follow Tabitha Nauser’s Instagram for her soulful beats and sexy voice, you’d also be following her because of her ‘90s TLC hip hop meets street-wear appeal outfits. The white on white bra top and frayed denim pencil skirt meets graphic sneaker means you’re going to look stylish but most importantly, you’re also going to look cool and literally feel cool in our tropical climate.



6. Iman Fandi’s Graphic Two-Piece

While the printed two-piece can seriously veer into Queen of England territory, Iman Fandi proves that there’s a youthful and fun way to wear it – an athletic cropped top, layered gold necklaces and a print-clashing cross body bag. You also might want to consider how bang for your buck the two-piece is – you can wear it together as an outfit but we’d prefer to separate and mix them with other ones.


7. Guan Min’s Day-To-Night Slip


: @okta_puss

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It has ‘90s appeal (Kate Moss was constantly seen wearing one in that era), flatters every body shape and size and if you’re like Guan Min, you’d like them with a print and ruched at the bottom for downtown girl appeal. You can wear it like her with a straw boater hat and sandals for day but when it comes to night, you can vamp it up with high heels and an oversized blazer. Now that’s true day-to-night style.


8. Peggy Chang’s Turban Twist


Selamat pagi, Bali! #triggertigger

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You see a bad hair day fix but we see a head wrap that elevates everything from a simple white tee + jeans combo to the most elegant of evening dresses. The latter is probably why Peggy Chang likes then so much – she can be seen wearing them even on off-days. But if you think that putting on jewellery or accessories is a quicker fix, think about the turban instead – it takes less than 30 seconds to tie.


9. Ashley Bei’s All-Day Classics

Ashley Bei’s outfits are what we call palate cleansers – in a digital world where everybody is vying to “out-fashion” the next, it’s pleasing to see someone dress so simply. The asymmetrical cardigan, white slip tank, cropped jeans, sandals and it-bag are pieces you already might own so if there’s an influencer you can aspire to, it’s definitely Ashley.


10. Andrea Chong’s Elevated Weekend Wear


Evening events call for off-shoulder jumpsuits like this @Mango #MangoGirls

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It’s the weekend and after a week of considering what’s office appropriate, you might be tempted to slip into the bedrock of every Singaporeans’ weekend wear – the denim shorts and thong slippers. But Andrea Chong proves that acing the elevated weekend wear doesn’t require bells and whistles – all you need to do is to slip on an off-shoulder jumpsuit and pair it with strappy sandals. There, you’re done in less than 10 minutes.