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While the go-to New Year’s Eve saying “new year new you” is overdone now, we have to admit it’s the perfect mindset to adopt at the start of every year.

The promise of a fresh start and an exciting new venture just makes us want to make a personal vow to change something, nay anything, about ourselves for the better. And if there’s anything that needs an extra cognizance this new year, it’s our wardrobes.

Whether it’s decluttering and organising our closets for fuss-free living, or shopping ethically and generating less waste, these fashion resolutions will empower you to lead better lives. So pick up that list of new year’s resolutions and start logging these pointers, we’re moving full speed ahead into 2019 with a more practical and creative mindset towards fashion.


Get out of your comfort zone


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It can be easy to get stuck in a routine of dressing “quick and casual” – a.k.a reaching for the same blouse and jeans combination on the daily, which makes dressing up seem like a perpetuating mundane chore. But fashion is al about having fun and allowing your personality to shine through your outfits, and that’s exactly what you should keep in mind this upcoming year.

Take more risks by switching up your usual style with experimental and bolder colours or silhouettes. Maybe try a brightly coloured head-to-toe look, invest in a statement coat with intricate embroidery, or even go for unconventional pieces like an asymmetrical half-half dress.

Looking to switch up your style but have no clue as to where to start? Check out these S/S ‘19 trends for an inspiration boost.


Curate a stress-free wardrobe


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A stress-free wardrobe is all about curating the right items and coordinating a complementary colour scheme so that you minimise wasting precious time while figuring out what to wear every morning.

Resist impulsive fast fashion e buys and try reverting to the high-quality essentials that you already own and love. If you really do have to shop, go for versatile pieces that you know would complement most of the stuff you own.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, try building a wardrobe consisting of a monochromatic colour palette (e.g. black, white and grey), or organise the pieces in your closet according to colour and silhouette.

For those of you who need an extra helping hand, here are some detailed tips on creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe.


Get organised


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One way to get the most use out of your purchases is to declutter; clean out your closet so that you get a clearer view of all the things you’ve bought. As fellow #lazygirls, we know we tend to give our time of the day to the closest thing within our reach while getting ready, leading us to neglect some potentially fun and chic threads. The solution to that, we say, is to purge.

If you’ve got pieces that you haven’t worn in over a year, no longer fit your style, or scratches and pinches you, it’s high time you get rid of them through donation, recycling or tossing. Keep up to only five sentimental pieces (e.g. the dress you wore on your first date) in your closet and be mindful the next time you go shopping; consider purchasing an item if you really love it, see yourself wearing it often, or is of higher quality and will last longer… But more on that in the next point.


Make better shopping choices


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For 2019, it’s time we start being more mindful and conscious about the impact of our fashion choices. Whenever you shop for new clothes, take a second to consider: Where was this made, were the people who made it were treated fairly, were any animals harmed in the process, and what is the environmental impact from its production?

Go green and support sustainable, eco-friendly brands, purchase vegan and cruelty-free buys, or give thrift shopping for second-hand garments a go… all in the name of conserving our planet and compassion of course!


Reduce your carbon footprint


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Chasing the latest seasonal trends has its drawbacks; we don’t give the clothes we own enough time of the day before tossing it out for the next best thing. For 2019, make a pledge to save Mother Earth by reducing our clothing waste. Do this by suggesting a clothing exchange among your girls where everyone trades items they no longer want for fresh new threads for their closets. You can also turn your unwanted clothing into products you’d actually on the daily. An old T-shirt can be used as a washcloth for household cleaning, and that frumpy dress with the eccentric print can be sewn into a pillowcase.