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We’re sure you can relate to that cozy feeling when you put on a soft and thick woolen knit while in the cold. But before you stockpile on the chunky pieces, know this: Not all sweaters are created equal, and they are certainly not one-size-fits-all. A tight sweater, for example, might fit an oblong figure to a T, but they’ll showcase the unwanted layers of someone who’s more full-figured.

We’re here to help. Here’s a low-down on how to nab that perfect sweater for your body type. So you can look fabulous and keep warm at the same time.


Inverted Triangle

What is it: Broader shoulders than hips and waist.

Avoid: Anything that’s oversized, off-shoulder or tight-fitted as they’ll highlight the broadness of your shoulders.

Go for: V-neck sweaters as the apex will create a downward visual and draw attention away from your shoulders, highlighting your waist and hips instead. Also, sweaters with details that start below the bust line will work as they’ll also help cast the spotlight on your waist and hips.



What is it: Shoulders, waist and hips are around the same size.

Avoid: Boxy sweaters. You wouldn’t want to look more oblong than you already are.

Go for: Off-shoulder and oversized sweaters as they add more “layers” to your body, creating the illusion of a curvier figure (not to mention they flaunt your collarbone too!). Otherwise, tight-fitted turtleneck sweaters are perfect as they highlight your slim figure and add emphasis to your décolletage.



What is it: Shoulders and waist are narrower than hips.

Avoid: Anything that’s bottom heavy. Avoid sweaters that sport embellishment details or textures at the hemlines.

Go for: Sweaters that emphasise your upper body/shoulder region to balance out your proportion. Think sweaters with large necklines, such as cowl, scoop or boat necks. Ponchos are great too as they’re usually short sleeve, adding details to your shoulders and moving the gaze away from your derriere.




What is it: Shoulders and hips are narrower than waist.

Avoid: Anything that’s cinched or tight at the waist. Shun anything with horizontal prints as well, because they will make you look wider than your actual size.

Go for: Sweaters that have vertical prints — they will elongate your figure and help you appear slimmer. Also, look for those that draw attention towards your shoulders (and away from your waist). Think of cowl and turtleneck sweaters — the more interesting at the top, the better.




What is it: Shoulders and hips are well balanced, while waist is of a relatively small shape.

Avoid: Oversized sweaters as you’ll drown the figure that you’re blessed with!

Go for: Sweaters that are narrower at the waist line as they will emphasize your curves. Otherwise, those that are cinched at the waist with a belt will be perfect.