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Photo : The Ingrid carry on, $95

It goes without saying that the French seem to do everything better – the food, the way of life (a glass of red wine with every meal? Yes please.) and most importantly, their style. And if there’s one woman who can never seem to get it wrong, it’d be Jane Birkin. Four decades ago, she was never seen without her basket (infamously named the Birkin basket) and fast forward in today’s context, they’re seen on everybody including street style celebrities and the common folk like us.

Founded late last year by content creator, Melody Tan, Ame Studio translates to ‘Soul’ studio and that’s what her ethically sourced label wants to achieve – soulful and personal souvenirs sourced from her travels around the globe and from artisans who’ve been weaving them for decades.

Photo : The Adelea basket, $65.

“We hope to be able to promote artisans from different parts of the world and tell their story and the story behind your Âme purchase. Âme is a platform that promotes provenance, sustainability and social equality and we hope that you enjoy joining us on this journey.”, says Melody. And stories they certainly are – from totes weaved in Northern Thailand to market bags weaved in the outskirts of Yogyakarta, each bag you purchase is unique in itself. After all, they’re all handmade.

​Photo : The Birkin basket, $180

“With Âme, I hope to be able to combine what I have already been doing but in a more stylised, purpose-focused manner. I hope to be able to dig deep and have everything I am passionate about on one single platform so hence this.” And if your eyes need as much feeding as your closet does, Melody documents her travels and recipes on too. We think she makes a mighty fine classic Italian fish stew.

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