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If you share an affinity with the philosophy of minimalist dressing – that is, putting together stripped-down, pared-back pieces with neutral unfussy colours and sleek lines, then you’d understand how much consideration it really entails when it comes to styling and curation. It isn’t just about simply throwing monochromatic staples together before calling it a day. Far from that, actually – a polished minimalist outfit composes of little intriguing details and carefully teamed colours in order for it to stand out instead of falling flat.

Shifting the conversation to office wear, minimalist outfits practically thrive in an environment such as the workplace. Austere and sombre, a clean-cut minimalist look fits right in when it comes to professional dressing. Here are some tips to help you nail this style and make a strong – not boring – statement at the office.


1. Don’t be afraid to accessorise

minimalist muted

Photo: Instagram / Ellery

Sure, it definitely sounds like an oxymoron, but accessorising a minimalist outfit is totally necessary in order to add some zest to it. You’d want a statement piece that complements your minimalist look and to do that, stick to the concept of subtle, simple and structural when it comes to choosing the right accessory. Gold and silver accessories will act as a great accent to your muted and neutral colour palette, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Hoop earrings will work well for those who prefer a simple look, but if you really want to shine, go for larger-sized danglers with abstract shapes and clean lines. The same rule applies for necklaces and cuff bracelets: don’t be afraid to go big if you’re donning a straightforward classic, such as a white shift dress for instance.


2. Go for classic staples with a twist

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Photo: Instagram / Cos

In order to add interest to your look (after all, wearing a white tee everyday is bound to get old at some point), invest in simple classics with unexpected details or cuts. Trust us on this, a little bit of difference goes a long way in helping you achieve an unconventional and chic look. Just like Cos’ white straight-cut shift dress which falls into a voluminous hem slightly below the hip, opt for these timeless silhouettes which are updated with just a slight variation in detail.




3. Play with volume and proportions

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Photo: Instagram / Joseph Fashion


One of the upsides to clean minimalist fashion is that it gives you plenty of creative freedom to switch up your silhouette and throw everything you know about balance and proportions out the window (okay, not entirely). Don’t be afraid to don asymmetrical jackets with seemingly bizarre half-here-half-nowhere-to-be-seen cuts, oversized coats with boxy silhouettes or pair structured tops with soft flowy skirts. Experiment away, the minimalist world is your sartorial oyster.


4. Master the art of layering

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Photo: Instagram / maggieontherocks

Layering is a central concept for minimalist dressing that adds more dimension to an otherwise simple outfit. Though not so practical for the humid fireball of a country we call home, layering can come in handy for the chilly AC at the office. After all, you can always take off that oh-so-gorgeous coat before you leave the office (we won’t tell). Pair tight-fitted top with a pair of baggy trousers and a stiff long-line jacket for a faultless layered look that’s both professional and snug. Play on the subtle contrasts between neutral colours in your outfit or even go for a monochromatic colour scheme – either way, your outfit will be far from boring.


5. Mix up textures

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Photo: Instagram / k__e__e__p

As far as minimalist outfits go, texture is the secret weapon to add variety and flair to a look. Juxtapose contrasting textures – pleats with silk, knits with drapes, wool with ruffles, and you have yourself an interesting combination that’ll set you apart from the rest.