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:Chocoolate has once again brought our favourite cartoon characters to the fashion world. This time round, it’s Bambi and the Line Friends that get the special sartorial treatment.

Immortalised on sweatshirt and hoodies, these beloved characters take center stage to delight fans.


:Chocoolate x Bambi

Inspired by the well-loved animated film by Disney, this collection features a palette of pink, grey, white and black, accentuated this time with splashes of pink to add a soft and girly touch. Bambi and his forest friends, Thumper and Flower, can be found on hooded sweaters, oversized sweaters, knitted tops, embroidered pocket tees and, get this: homeware items like tissue box covers and carpets (you’ll receive one free if you spend above $220 at :Chocoolate). We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be rocking that pink Bambi sweater for Chinese New Year.


:Chocoolate x Line Friends

Having originated from the sticker collection of Korean texting app Line, characters Brown, Cony, Sally, Moon and Edward are now seen on some of :Chocoolate’s signature merchandise: monochromatic hoodies, jackets, sweaters and even beanies. The main palette, constitutes of black, white and grey, and is complemented by vibrant splashes of red, orange and pink. Riding the wave of the D-I-Y hype, :Chocoolate also offers you the chance to customise your own items from this collection. You can choose from a collection of LINE Friends silicon badges to stick on selected hoodies, sweaters and accessories and switch it up at will. Time to get creative!