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Berets are in again, and more than ever.

The 2016 winter fashion looks are often perfected with a single beret, and celebrities have already joined the trend.

Image: Instagram

Sulli, former member of f(x), was one of the first celebrities to wear berets even before they were fashionable. She uploaded a photo donning a crimson red beret with a cardigan tied casually on her shoulder.

Even though red berets are hard to style, Sulli flawlessly succeeded as she used the minimum number of colors in her overall look.

Image: Instagram

The trend continued with another popular girl group member, Seohyun. On her official Instagram, she unveiled a photo showing her elegant and fashionable look.

She pulled off a monochromatic outfit with an ivory beret and a chunky knit sweater in the same colour. Just like Sulli in her picture above, Seohyun made the look a bit more posh by tilting her beret to the side.

Image: Herald Pop

Last but not least, the latest “beret look” was created by rookie girl group Twice’s Nayeon. She showed up at an event on Wednesday afternoon with a unique style.

She let her long, wavy hair down and put on a navy beret to top it off. The simple cream-coloured coat could have made the look dull, but Nayeon kept herself chic with her fancy accessories and a beautiful face.


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