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Kim Taeyeon (most commonly known as simply Taeyeon) from South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation probably needs no introduction.

Not only is the girl group one of the hottest and most successful pop music acts from the nation, Taeyeon is the main vocalist and has been dubbed as having one of the best voices in K-pop. Not surprisingly, she has seen tremendous success even in her solo singing career, snagging several trophies from awards such as the Golden Disc AwardsMnet Asian Music Awards and Seoul Music Awards.

But beyond her singing prowess, Taeyeon is a chameleon when it comes to her style and fashion sense. Just take a look at her solo debut music video, I, and watch her transform from an angelic bohemian to edgy punk girl.

While Taeyeon’s personal style, as eluded through her Instagram feed, is not as wild and avant-garde as fellow musicians from 2NE1 or BLACKPINK, her outfits are feminine, interesting and actually pretty easy to emulate.

So as we celebrate her 30th birthday on March 9, let’s take a look at some of her best looks and cop some style tips from this soulful singer.


1. Don’t be afraid of colours


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Not only is neon a S/S’19 trend as seen on the runways of Moschino, Rejina Pyo and Versace, it is a great way to add punchy, vibrant colours to spice up the everyday wardrobe.

But for those who aren’t ready to jump headlong into a shade as blindingly bright as this, follow Taeyeon and slowly incorporate this into your ensemble by wearing just one piece in the shade while anchoring the look with neutrals like black. Just take your pick from hues like neon red, lime green and lemon yellow.


2. Play with textures



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Juxtaposing outfits with different textures is another way to add dimension to an outfit, and it really is very easy to execute. Think about pairing lighter, looser textures (such as lace, ruffles and fur) with heavier, structured fabrics (such as denim and leather). The same principle works with colour (match light with dark) and accessories (e.g. pair a flirty floral maxi with studded leather boots and bracelets).

Here, Taeyeon went with a lace hoodie and paired the feminine number with a denim jacket. She finished the look with a leather studded crossbody that comes with a furry charm. She wisely kept the overall colour palette light and neutral, which helps prevent the entire look from becoming garish and over the top.


3. Stay warm, stay cool 



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Jumpers and sweaters are awesome wardrobe staples. Not only can they be used for layering, they also help introduce an added layer of detail to the ensemble, such as colour, texture, length, and feel, just to name a few positives.

But with Singapore’s weather, we usually shy away from these pieces because they can be impractical in the sweltering heat, which is why we are loving the way Taeyeon styled this outfit. She wore a neutral knit with a checkered outerwear, but opted for a short, leg-baring bottom. Comfortable, yet chic.


4. Denim all day, everyday 


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While denim was first worn by coal miners and cattlemen in the American Wild West, it has since become a fashionable product in modern times, and is an apparel enjoyed by both genders. But the double denim look, which involves wearing both denim as a top and bottom, is a tricky style that not many dare to attempt. Take a leaf from Taeyeon’s book, who has shown that it’s not that difficult.

You can play with different hues of blue, match with your favourite chunky dad sneakers (still on trend by the way), add a pop of colour with a top or go ’80s by adding a pair of classic crew socks. Just be confident, because the variations are limitless.




5. Eyewear is an accessory too


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When you think of accessorising, what comes to mind? Necklace and bracelets are the usual answers, but eyewear is a category often overlooked. Next time you’re styling your outfit, pick up a pair of funky, statement eyewear.

Vibe the 90s with a piece that’s in a vintage style, like what Taeyeon is wearing, or find a pair that suits your face shape.


6. Jazz up a look with statement outerwear


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Neutral shades are your go-to, whether it’s for work or your everyday fall-back staples. But if you want to add a little more oomph and pizzazz to your outfit, add a statement outerwear to complete your look. Choose your poison and pick from bold colours and prints, like this quirky checked piece Taeyeon is rocking.


7. Back to black


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If you’re a fan of the colour black for its easy convenience and slimming effect, you’ll know how often you end up looking like you’re in the same ensemble of black top and jeans all the time. To play up this one-coloured style, take a cue from Taeyeon and go with carefully curated fabric contrasts.

The furry hoodie, puffer jacket, leather Chanel bag and Christmas sweater are all in black — yet they add different textures to make the look far from boring or flat. Remember, the success of a black outfit lies in the details.


8. Heighten your look 



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Taeyeon is a petite woman, coming in at 1.58m (or 5′ 2″) and this outfit that she wore on stage exemplifies how you can use styling to add height. Opt for a mini skirt or dress and match with thigh-high boots. The boots help make your legs look longer and this technique is also frequently used by fellow petite gal, Ariana Grande.

For professional work settings, go with a pair of tailored black pencil trousers and black pumps or a midi dress with nude pumps to fake the towering illusion.