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Photo: Farfetch and Net-a-porter

Fashion trends can sometimes be ostentatious – so ostentatious that the mere thought of incorporating one of said trends into our already-established style can seem like a flight of fancy. On the face of it, one of the top trends that have emerged from the F/W ‘19 runways seem to assume that position; but upon further inspection, it’s safe to say: Flocks of statement feathers ARE wearable.

Think it sounds absurd? After all, when we think of an outfit that much resembles a bouquet of plumage, the last thing we’d think is, “Oh, how I’d rock that at the office.” But this season’s feathers aren’t as outre as you might believe.

Served up as trimming on a sexy, ‘90s-style Prada midi skirt, adorning micro bags that resemble petite lil’ feathery loofahs, and subtly hemming well-cut tailored trousers, F/W ‘19’s feathers aren’t “peacocking” but are instead shining the spotlight on well-made clothes while serving as a proverbial cherry on top. In other words, they’re perfect for us everyday woman with everyday jobs

Keep reading to see how we’re styling the season’s hottest feather looks and accessories.