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Photo: Saks Potts/Instagram

It’s pretty clear by now that the fashion world isn’t averse to bringing back vibrant, bold trends from yesteryears. See: pops of neon in plaid, micro sunglasses, and even shoulder pads. But perhaps the most unbridled and colourful element of all this F/W ‘18 was the coloured hosiery. 

Tapping into various facets of the ‘80s; be it the high-octane disco fashion, your mum’s jazzercising clothes or neon sci-fi quirks, designers showcased one visual spectacle after another while delivery stockings in a full spectrum of shades and colours. 


Photo: Jeremy Scott, Saks Potts/Instagram

Jeremy Scott unveiled candy-coloured tights in bubblegum pink, orange, fuschia and lime to match the neon coloured wigs that dressed the heads of the models. Saks Potts championed rainbow tights, which paired seamlessly with fur-trimmed pastel coats. Other designers were just as bold with saturated hues on opaque tights, some solid (Dolce and Gabbana) and others overlaid with animal prints (Tom Ford). 


Photo: nytimesfashion/Instagram

That’s not to say that the trend was confined within the runways – colourful tights have also trickled down to street style roundups. During New York Fashion Week, hot pink tights were styled with orange and red puffer jackets while light blue stockings were met with a matching technicoloured jacket at Paris. 


Photo: blograi/Instagram

Kendall Jenner has also given the trend a more subtle spin at NYFW with sheer bottle green tights fashioned with a plaid mini dress and, on another occasion, earthy brown tights with an oversized jumper. Which brings us to the question: Are colourful tights actually wearable in an everyday sense?

Our verdict? Yes – especially if you’re smart when it comes to styling them up. Rule number one: Always style around the tights, and never throw them on as a last minute add-on to your look. If you’re feeling snazzy, don’t be afraid to juxtapose your coloured stockings with a printed dress or an abbreviated mini skirt in a contrasting hue.

For the risk-averse who don’t want their leggings to “pop” in an eyebrow-raising fashion, pair them with coats or dresses of the same colour. Or, when in doubt, a safe bet would be opting for earthy muted tones like Kendall Jenner.

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