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Lacy lingerie, figure-hugging skirts and sky-high stilettos are usually what immediately comes to mind when we talk about sexy apparel. But you don’t have to go over-the-top with these in-your-face pieces to show off your sensuality.

Take a look at what you have in your wardrobe — you can easily create a sexy outfit from what you already have, with a little creativity and gumption.

Here, we show you how you can make use of the functional-but-super-unsexy staples in your closet and up their sex appeal in under a minute.


What you have: A t-shirt and a pair of jeans

How to style it up: A pair of statement soles

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A t-shirt with jeans is a classic ensemble — but it also screams no effort, especially if it were a billowy and oversized t-shirt paired with boyfriend or mom jeans. To give your look a dose of sex appeal, wear a pair of statement shoes.

Not only will it elevate your overall ensemble, it also draws attention to your spectacular feet. Whether they are leather loafers, velvet mules or platform wedges, bottom line is they should be the louder the better.

Bonus: Tie the hem of your t-shirt into a knot and put on a sassy polka dot headband — it’ll make you look tantalisingly casual.


What you have: A cardigan

How to style it up: Loose a button, or two

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Long line knitted cardigans can keep you warm and snug on a rainy day, but let’s face it — they are hardly the sexiest garments, especially when your piece comes in a musky shade of nude.

Don’t fret. When styling them, draw inspiration from the ’90s cropped cardigan, which is fitted and short, exposing your mid-riff and collarbone at the same time.

You can do so with your oversized pieces. Simply undo the bottom two buttons and tie the ends up into a knot. Leave the first two buttons at the top undone as well.

There — you’d exude an effortless and alluring air. Our advice? Pair this with skinny jeans or a long fitted skirt to avoid showing too much skin.


What you have: A pant-suit

How to style it up: Forget about the blouse

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Masculine and sharp, a fabulous set of pant-suit will make you feel like a boss. But as much as we love the powerful and professional vibe this apparel exudes, it can come across as too aggressive, and drown out your natural figure.

Blazers that sport a longer hem often hide your derriere, while straight-cut pants or cropped flares will conceal your curves. In order to compensate for this, we recommend losing the inner blouse and fastening up your blazer.

This way, it immediately draws attention to your collarbone, which is one of the most flattering parts of your body. Accentuate it with a dainty necklace for that touch of sass.


What you have: Leggings

How to style it up: Put on some heels

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Leggings should never, ever, be worn as pants when you’re going with a cropped top — you’d run the risk of a dreaded camel toe and no one wants to see that. They are, however, suitable if you’re wearing an opaque pair with a baggy boyfriend shirt.

Cinch your waist with a belt and slip into a pair of block heels or wedges. It will instantly elevate your look and your stature. Go for those in matte fabric, which look more sophisticated than their shiny counterparts.


What you have: Cotton camisole top

How to style it up: Wear it with bottoms made of luxe fabric

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Cotton camisoles are your best friend when it comes to the sweltering Singapore heat. But because they are so functional, they are usually pretty basic and lacklustre when it comes to the fashion department.

Change your look from frumpy to smoking hot, by tucking them into bottoms made from luxurious materials — think leather shorts, velvet wide-legged pants and silk-satin pleated skirts.

These swanky pieces will add gravitas to your ensemble, instantly enhancing your sensuality.