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We all know the struggle of having to turn our rooms upside down in search of our favourite necklace, the other side of an earring or a dress we like while getting dressed in the morning. All that unnecessary stress when we’re just starting out our day? We think we can speak for everyone when we say that we can definitely do without it. An immaculate, well-organized wardrobe, as compared to a chaotic heap of clothes and accessories piled atop one another, can save you loads of time when you’re planning your outfits on hectic days. It can also help you get more mileage out of some pieces that would originally be hiding beneath all the other clutter.

It’s time to get organised. But don’t be intimidated by the prospect of decluttering, we’ve got some simple tips and tricks for organising your clothes and accessories. Scroll down below for a detailed run-down on how and where to arrange your sartorial purchases – full Marie Kondo style.


1. Separate your clothing by category and colour

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Arrange your clothing by their categories – blouses, sweaters, skirts, dresses — and divide them into sections. Within their individual sections, it’s also a good idea to keep the same types of colours together so that you’ll have an easier time looking for something you have in mind. If you want to take it one step further, break down your clothes into season (such as spring or fall)  and sort out your dresses by day or night, ascending from casual to formal. 

If you’ve got enough space in your wardrobe, make sure to keep everything on hangers – you’re more likely to wear something if you can see it easily. If you don’t have the space, keep the pieces that are easily wrinkled, such as crisp button-downs, silk, crepe or poplin items, hung so that you won’t have to waste even more time steaming or ironing them. The rest, such as knits and tees can be stored neatly in drawers or shelves. 


2. Get a separate clothing rack and hang up items you’ll use more frequently

Wooden clothing rack, US$89 (S$121.81) from Urban Outfitters. Photo: Urban Outfitters

Invest in an individual clothing rack to hold pieces that you tend to wear more often. This could be your go-to blazer, your favourite sheath dress, your trusty pair of jeans or even the printed jumpsuit that makes you feel your best. Keeping these items readily accessible and in your line of sight will help you shave time off dressing in the morning, as you can reach for them in an instant. It also frees up more space in your closet, keeping it neater and easier for you to peruse.

Clothing racks that have bottom shelves, such as this modern and function one from Urban Outfitters, are great for multi-storaging and you can place matching shoes or folded clothes underneath your hung items. If you want something simpler, you could also purchase a standard rack at IKEA for S$24.90.

3. Display bags and shoes for easy visibility

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Keep your purses in visible compartments so that they can be easily seen. We recommend closet organisers such as the RASSLA from IKEA. If you’re storing your hats or bags in boxes, keep them in see-through boxes and it’s always best to keep them stored individually so you won’t have to dig through your things and create a mess.

For shoes, you can keep them in an over-the-door hanging shoe organiser or a simple shoe rack. Keep them organised by colour and type – whether they’re flats, high heeled, or boots. Leave your favourite go-tos, such as your white sneakers or black flats, somewhere you can reach for most easily. One good tip if you’re keeping them in pockets in your shoe organiser is to store them with one side of its toe out and the other with its heel out so you can see the design clearly and find what you’re looking for easily.


4. Find creative ways to store your jewellery

Alma tabletop jewellery storage, US$29 and Trigem tabletop jewellery stand, US$29 from Urban Outfitters. Photo: Urban Outfitters

There are many ways in which you can keep your jewellery organised. These are the trickiest to store as they’re tiny and can easily get misplaced or tangled up together. Of course, the simplest method that comes to mind is to get a jewellery storage box, but if your chunky statement earrings or necklaces don’t fit in the standard boxes, there are other creative ways to organise your bling as well. 

Urban Outfitters has a bevy of pretty jewellery stands that’ll keep your favourite trinkets, from necklaces to rings and earrings, neatly hung atop your tabletop so you can reach for what you want without any fuss. 

Aimee jewellery storage hanging mirror, US$29 and Camille hanging jewellery storage bar, US$29 from Urban Outfitters. Photo: Urban Outfitters

You could also keep your necklaces and earrings hung on little towel hooks, or a jewellery storage bar. For smaller items such as your rings and studded earrings, you can keep them in small dishes, pretty teacups or clear see-through bowls that you find in the kitchen – a cost-effective method that spruces up your tabletop as well. 

If you’re storing your jewelry in your drawers, your only option for separating and organising your precious trinkets won’t have to be the standard trays and boxes with compartments you’re used to. You could utilise other everyday options such as egg trays, ice cube trays or even a painting palette to keep your jewellery compartmentalised.