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Giving professional tailoring an energised refresh, designers injected their suits with a heavy dose of saturated fruity shades for S/S ‘19. Boasting of oversized proportions and structured shoulders that very much point to the masculine-miming direction took by the ‘80s, the proliferated colourful suits showed us all how bold colours can look sleek and empowering for the modern working woman.

It is admittedly dicey business; you don’t want to look garish or tacky, nor stand out inappropriately in a professional setting. Check out the key tips you need for rocking vivid hues below.


Wear colours from the same family

The easiest way to ensure that the colours you’re working with don’t clash is to alternate shades of the same colour (e.g. deep orange with a lighter marigold) or pick colours which are near each other on the colour wheel, like orange with red. You should strive for a monochromatic palette while playing with variations on tone and texture to give your look added dimension. The easiest way to get started is to go for a pantsuit or a coloured co-ord – which brings us to our next point.


Opt for the de rigeur pantsuit silhouette of the season

A slouchy, oversized pantsuit is what we are referring to. As mentioned above, oversized tailored suits in bright punchy hues are about to be huge soon, so if there is any reason at all for us to be wearing bold colours, this should be it. The look we’re going for here is a straight-out-of-your-boyfriend’s-closet.


Choose a classic silhouette

Changing your style can definitely turn some heads at the office. One way to avoid garnering too much attention is to offset the novelty of the bold colours with the classic silhouettes you usually wear to the office. Examples include shift dresses, button-down shirts or pencil skirts. Since you’re already going out of your comfort zone in terms of colours, sticking to the silhouettes you’re familiar with will ensure that you still look like… well, you. For skirt inspiration, here are 10 to buy that will help you feel empowered at work.


Play with colourful prints and patterns

Though it sounds counter-intuitive, teaming bright colours with bold prints can make for an aesthetically pleasing ensemble. Make sure the prints aren’t too busy or messy and instead opt for symmetrical graphics, soft florals, or something sophisticated like plaid.


Style with neutrals

Neutral colours, such as beige, brown, grey and white, tone down the bold pops of colour. Not only that, neutrals can also highlight the statement colour you’ve got on. Choose a brightly coloured co-ord and fashion it with a black blazer. The same rule applies to accessories; lean towards neutral coloured bags and shoes to finish your look.


Wear it with denim

Denim can immediately take the flamboyance of any outfit down a notch, giving it a casual and relaxed spin. Anchor a bright dress with a denim jacket, or a statement neon blouse with a pair of jeans if your company allows for it. It’s a one-step method to instantly give your look a laid back street style flair.


Go for one piece outfits

A dress or jumpsuit in a bright saturated hue works great to commandeer one’s attention without crossing over to ‘tacky’ territory. Go minimal with accessorising – and that means ditching statement necklaces and over-the-top earrings. Finish the look with a pair of sneakers for a fun twist.

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