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We’re all for self-expression and pushing sartorial boundaries, however, we feel there has to be some rules.

Basic rules such as, not exposing yourself in public (we’re pretty sure this is illegal for a reason).

Apparently, fashion brand Topshop have decided to throw the ol’ rulebook right out of the showroom window, and delivered to us all – clear plastic jeans.

Yes, that was not a typo, genuine clear plastic jeans:

Sitting at $126, these straight-cut jeans are made from Polyurethane and, apparently, are machine washable too. 

Sure, they get 10 points for originality, but we’re trying to work out who will wear these, and to what occasion they’re ever going to be appropriate?

We have horror visions of the bold ones rockin’ these with a thonged knicker on and we just can’t cope.

For those who say nay to conformity and wish to wear these…we have to ask you, what about the chafing? Oh dear, the chafing. This Singapore heat is unforgiving at the best of times, let alone wrapping ourselves up in plastic for a spot of lunch.

So, in light of these now existing and slapped across the internet, we’ve penned an open letter to Topshop:

Dear Topshop,

With reference to the clear plastic jeans….



HerWorld Plus.