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When it comes to women’s workwear, the tailored pantsuit is an absolute essential and has been a perennial mainstay in the hearts and minds of many modern women. Thought of by most as a “power suit”, the right pantsuit can empower her to feel confident. 

Recent contemporary shifts in taste have given way to a slouchier, more relaxed style of tailoring. Pantsuits retained their structured lines, luxe heavy fabrics and sharp construction, while sometimes sporting oversized silhouettes, baggy trousers and more fluidity in the fabrics.

Falling right in line with the current relaxed tailoring trend, a new variation of the pantsuit has since emerged from the recent S/S ‘19 and S’S ‘20 runways to revolutionise women’s workwear: short suits.

On the runways, designers forgoed traditional trousers that skim the ankle and instead paired sharp blazers with tailored shorts. The result is unexpectedly chic – and may we add, practical. 

The casual spin on what used to be for some of us, stuffy and stoic tailoring, almost feels emancipating. Not to mention, having the option of wearing shorts, as opposed to trousers, is great for combating Singapore’s perpetual summertime heat and humidity.

The polished and professional factors have not been compromised of course – the tailored silhouette still gives the coordinating suit-and-shorts look an immaculate look.

We certainly don’t doubt that many workplaces may not deem shorts appropriate (and so, we implore you to check with your office’s dress codes before proceeding; you have been warned). But the shorts suit is a trend that combines modern sensibility and classical elegance – and that’s something we’re into. 

Like most newly emerging trends, it takes a little bit of risk taking to champion it and be a tastemaker. If you’re sold on the idea, we’ve curated eight of our favorite tailored shorts to kickstart your experimentation with the trend. Check out the most stylish shorts to own below.