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Founder of The Ove Collection and director/co-founder of Lloyd’s Inn Joan Chang shares with us what her work wardrobe essentials are, the places she shops at and the women she looks up to for style inspiration

How would you describe what you wear to work in five words?

Classic, timeless, elegant, minimalist and textural.

What considerations do you have when you decide what to wear to work?

It depends who I’d be meeting. For example, if I’m meeting up with other professionals or seniors, I will dress more conservatively and would never wear sneakers.

However, if I’m meeting people from the creative industry or just friends, I can wear something comfortable (e.g. casual clothes with fabrics like linen), or perhaps even be in sneakers.

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How has your style evolved over the years?

My style has evolved to be more professional-looking and conservative – longer hemlines, tops that aren’t too low-cut and a preference for covering up. I’ll make an exception if the event is at a lounge or club.

What are your three go-to pieces?

A black Loewe Hammock classic work bag (because it’s versatile), a pair of black Prada classic pointed pumps and a white blazer (in case there’s a last minute meeting that I have to attend).

Where do you shop at?

I shop at a combination of international brands, local labels and flea market/vintage shops. For international, my favourites vary from high-end labels like Victoria Beckham, The Row and Marni, to high-street, like Zara, Asos and Massimo Dutti.

I don’t have a specific Singaporean brand that I’d go to per se, but I’d always visit Boutique Fairs to pick up new buys from the local fashion scene. As for flea market/vintage shops, I love initiatives like Pasar Glamour.

What are your must-have brands?

I wouldn’t say these [brands] are must-haves, but here are some that I generally prefer:

For classic workwear – Massimo Dutti, Zara and local brands like Esther Tay Studio and In Good Company.

For printed garbs – Ying The Label.

For travel essentials – Weekend Sundries and Matter Prints.

For designer labels – Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga, The Row and Marni.

For shoes – Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik for a classic pair of either work or evening pumps.

What do you spend your money on?

Travelling. To me, time and youth is the most valuable currency that can never be bought back. With this philosophy, I am spending as much of my youth as possible exploring the world.

What is your biggest splurge?

A Mercedes Benz car. Fashion wise, I am quite prudent and I don’t spend exorbitantly. The most extravagant piece would probably be a diamond ring that I’ve bought for myself in 2018. It has a personal engraving that serves as a reminder for achieving a milestone.

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What do you pack for a business trip?

I will always pack a pair of leggings and loose boyfriend shirt to wear on the plane. Generally, I pack light and versatile items that can create several different outfits. For instance, the boyfriend shirt (that was worn on board) can be washed and reused for a meeting when it’s paired with a professional skirt and a belt.

I’d always pack a classic white or black tank top that can be worn with any skirt, pants, gym and casual wear. Also, a pair of black sandals or pumps that can match all outfits.

Oh yes, I’d also pack clothes that will not wrinkle easily.

What’s your trick to looking sharp and professional in a work/formal environment?

Always keep go-to items in your car so that you can throw it on at the last minute, in case you’d have to rush off to an important meeting.

Any celebrities you look to for style inspiration?

Victoria Beckham & Queen Rania of Jordan. I like their styles as both women always look put together and never over the top, despite living in entirely different countries with different cultures. I like that their styles are modest, classy and reflect sensible fashion sense that remains a professional and modern outlook, all while keeping their cultural heritage and inspirations in consideration.

What’s on your wishlist?

I’m still on the look out for a classic watch to purchase. Nothing has caught my liking yet.