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The under-21 queens of street style were out in full force at Seoul Fashion Week. We came, we saw, we proffered our unsolicited sartorial advice.


This proves that you can mix pink and orange, but only if you pair them with the same joie de vivre. It’s athleisure meets Carrie Bradshaw with this shirt dress, baseball cap and slingback sneakers.

This striped power suit is so red hot she’s even got flames on her belt. The only thing we’d lose are the fishnet socks. They call to mind a different kind of show.

Beribboned pigtails on women? Yes, but only if you can pull it off with the same aplomb. There are some major Little Red Riding Hood vibes happening here, but wolf or no wolf, she definitely killed it I think she’s the one doing the slaying.

Where do we begin? The John Lennon shades? The tiger statement earrings? The coral eyeshadow? It shouldn’t work, but it’s so out there that we’re going with it. If you’ve got the same confidence, we say the fashion closet is your oyster.

This is giving new meaning to the term matching twin sets. They’re committing fully to this cause with the white blazers and denim, but we’re not mad at it. #couplewear #ItsAllWhiteItsAlright #Sorrynotsorry

Donning head-to-toe black can look too austere, so up your street cred with some fuzzy pastel arm candy. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit your camera, because everyone knows that DSLRs are de rigeur accessories at Fashion Week.  

Pick a white shirt, and go to town accessorising it. The bright neons and graphic prints are doing a lot of work here, but we think she’s managed it to a tee.

We’re not convinced if it was what she intended, but the balloon is werq’ing this outfit – it lends some relief to all that red that’s happening. The crop top was a good sartorial choice: flashing that toned tum made this more street than boardroom.

All that yellow is cheering us right up. This is one of the few looks we’ve seen at Fashion Week that I think could genuinely work on a day out in Singapore. And we’re living for that pop of red on the lips.

When you and your best friend decide to colour coordinate everything. Graphic prints, leather beret, pearl buttons… when these two stand next to each other we don’t quite know where to look.

We’re not quite in the mood for love in this outfit, though we applaud the layering, mandarin collar and the mix of textures. But it’s one crane too many.  

We’ll be glad to go back to school if sneakers and lunch bags always looked this fun. It’s tulle meets velvet meets leather, and it’s certainly not like any school uniform we’ve encountered.