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It’s kinda true that a majority of us Singaporeans sort-of already dress like we’re on a beach holiday: the denim shorts + flip flops combo is a cultural bedrock when it comes to our sartorial choices. But for anybody who’s looking to elevate that I’m-in-Barbados-instead-of-here look (or simply a summery outfit that doesn’t offend HR), we highly recommend Singaporean label MAHCollection (the MAH stands for Mad About Hue) that consistently dishes out the best of beachwear staples.

A Peranakan-tile inspired kaftan for all your boozy, beach hopping or bumming-out days.

And because founder Ondina Montgomery understands what we truly require from beach coverups (feminine meets function of course): each piece is made in 100% chiffon or silk that wicks heat away quickly. For those who are already well stocked in the clothing department, MAHCollection has accessories too: gold-plated cuffs with a printed leather applique, skinny beaded scarves (very boho chic, very good solution for bad hair days) and Moroccan-inspired lambskin slippers.

A lightweight fabric? Yes please. Shoulder cut-outs that lets heat escape (not the sexiest thing to say but very appreciated) but still shows off your perfect tan? We’ll take the dress please.

MAHCollection has made the perfect bag to hold your cosmetics, sunscreen or anything you need when you’re in the little red dot or overseas: for the first time in six years, Ondina has designed bags in sumptuous Italian leather with an inner pocket and detachable tassel.

MAHCollection’s pieces are available online ( as well as at their showroom: 7 Grange Road, 239496 which opens on Wednesday from 11am-10pm. All other days are by appointment only: we suggest you make one now.