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Obviously baby North is less interested in taking her picture than her mother. Credit: Givenchy

They both wore sheer to sit front row at the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 runway show in Paris. So who wore it better? Did chubby cheeked North West outshine her celeb mother Kim Kardashian-West?

Again, little North rather plays with the new iPhone than bother about the commotion on the runway. Credit: Givenchy

North West won praise from fashion insiders for the mini-sized sheer Givenchy dress (with tiny tights under for modesty) paired with baby combat boots. Aila Wang better watch her back. Baby West is gaining speed to dethrone Alexander Wang’s niece as fashion icon in the making.

So did the mother or daughter wear it better? Credit: Givenchy

On the other hand, critics weren’t so kind to her celeb mother. Kardashian-West was dressed in, of course in Givenchy. Even with a bodysuit under and motorcycle jacket over, the sheer lace jumpsuit – was Nori’s outfit made from the spare material? – was just too over the top.

But fashionista or not, there is a debate on whether little Nori should be dressed in such grown up ensembles that even some grown ups would balk at, like sheer pieces? Are frilly dresses and cute overalls (think his royal chubbness Prince George) far more appropriate and comfortable for a tot who hasn’t started picking out her own outfits yet? Or do you feel that a sense of style has to be instilled right from the cradle?

One thing’s for sure. The fashion crowd in attendance at the Givenchy show wasn’t too pleased with the baby. Apparently, Nori screamed and cried through the show as she clung onto her mother. The general consensus is that the front row of a fashion show’s no place for a not-yet-two-year-old.

Li Yuchun super sharp in Givenchy. Credit: Givenchy

Speaking of who wore it better, we like to give special mention to Li Yuchun. Riccardo Tisci in Givenchy specially created costumes for the Chinese singer to wear in her 2013 concert  and at the Paris show, Li was simply chic and sleek in all black leather.

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